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Here you will find all things creative by Matt Clark. These are the ramblings of personal. creative. communication.

about matt clark

Matt Clark… hmmm… what can I say? Born in 1970. Self proclaimed creative guru and design extraordinaire. I jumped in ministry at a young age of 18. I’ve owned imagedesigns (graphic design business) since 1996. I love my family. I have been married since 1993 and have one son.

• Family is of utmost importance to me.
• Living creatively is a way of life for me.
• Communicating truth effectively is a passion for me.

other projects

Wander over to the following sites to view other ventures!
ImageDesigns — Logo design and branding since 1996.
TweetPages — Social Media Branding — Infographics for the Story of Your Life!
YourCampaignID — Capital campaign designs for churches.

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