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So many thoughts...

Are you what’s good?

Today a friend of mine jumped on ichat with me and said…

“Hey man, what’s good?”

(while I know he was just saying it casually — as in “what’s up man”)
I responded… “God!”. He responded… “good answer”.
Then it hit me, when God asks Jesus “Hey man, what’s good?” —  Does he say… “Matt”? or (insert your name)

Are you what’s good in this world? I don’t mean “good” as in a specific behavior with an angelic halo above your head.
I mean “good” for this world, your community, your family, your friends.

Are you spreading what is good around you? Do you see people around you spreading the “good” in this world?
So I leave with this simple question… “Hey… what’s good?”

Thanks for listening,
– M@tt | creative guru and spreading the good!

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