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How to be irresistible to Women!

You’ve received the emails…

Save on Canadian Drugs • Refi today! • Win this 78″ Plasma TV!
Please take my inheritance • Lose weight in 2 capsules a day

Well… I just received one that said… “How To Be Irresistible To Women!” (and it was a PILL)
Really? a magic pill for that? (And of course it was about sex)

I gotta let you in on a secret guys! Take out the trash, help around the house, play with the kids, give her time to hang with her friends (while YOU hang with the kids), take her out, defend her, be a man of truth, character & integrity, help others in your community, and choose family over work. That will make you irresistible!

And if you really want to be irresistable… wear your best jeans, rip off your shirt… and VACUUM the family room. That’ll get er!

Thanks for listening,
– M@tt | creative guru and irresistible husband!

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