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I Love You Stinky Face!

I was putting my son to bed the other nite when he said something pretty funny.

I finished talking with him and gave him a kiss. I was walking out the door and I said…

“I love you buddy”.

“I love you too dad… even though you’re stinky”

“What?” I’m stinky?

“no, STICKY”

“I’m sticky?” (at this point I started feeling around for something sticky on me.

“I mean, PRICKLY”

“Oh… I’m prickly!”

He loves me even though I don’t shave! ;)

I went from stinky to sticky to prickly in three seconds flat! Not bad!

Reminds me of: “I Love You Stinky Face”

Thanks for listening,
– M@tt | creative guru and prickly dad!

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