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Mission Trip to Dominican Republic

On June 7-15 of 2013 my son and I experienced our first mission trip together. While this was personally my third Mission Trip… it was his first… and OUR first to navigate as Father and Son. We went with Northland – A Church Distributed and partnered with TIME Ministries.

These were the three goals of the trip…
  1. Build a Chapel for a church without a building
  2. Minister to local children through games, stories, crafts, snacks and simply loving on kids.
  3. Work with the new Sports Ministry to participate in basketball and volleyball drills/games at the local courts.

Here are some of the benefits of a Mission Trip with your child:

Making new friends:
Not only are you making new friends in a foreign country (or the location of your trip) you’re making new friends amongst the others you travel with. You begin to see others in a new light. You build, you bond, you breathe the same challenges together. This creates a lifetime of friendships and memories.

Experience your family in new ways:
This mission trip was specifically for Middle Schoolers and their parent(s). While my wife encounters many adventures with us, this one she sat out to allow some male bonding. It was important for my son and I to go off and be men together. There were certainly other families with a mix of mom/daughter, mom/son, father/daughter, father/son and even entire families that participated. I was able to see how my son took initiative to work and serve. I was able to view his fears and strengths. He can’t wait to go back!

Creates a pattern of RITUAL:
Rituals are important to the guild of family. Most of us experience them [rituals] in some fashion or another. Maybe it’s the way you celebrate Christmas, the yearly camping trip, or the simply doing family chores early on Saturday morning. They could be daily or yearly – but you come to realize they are valuable to all in attendance. This mission trip is high on our list now. My son can’t imagine a summer without one. I find this of great value and look forward to working alongside him as we attend the 2014 trip to the Dominican Republic.

I can’t thank those of you who prayed for our trip and gave monetarily toward our trip. THANK YOU! From family, friends and clients… you all made this possible.
Below are some photos of our trip.

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