• Greatest Hits MP3 Download

Greatest Hits MP3 Download

Artist: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 1993-11-16

Title Time

 American Girl




 Listen to Her Heart


 I Need to Know




 Don't Do Me Like That


 Even the Losers


 Here Comes My Girl


 The Waiting


 You Got Lucky


 Don't Come Around Here No More


 I Won't Back Down


 Runnin' Down a Dream


 Free Fallin'


 Learning to Fly


 Into the Great Wide Open


 Mary Jane's Last Dance


 Something In the Air


    • Xxsweetlovr88xX

      So happy that I finally found an album I will fully listen to and not skip any of the songs!!! So happy to see such great hits all on the same album! 😁

    • Great way to get Jen

      This is one of the greatest albums ever

    • Ghncjcj

      Yes it was the best thing I could have in

    • Great Music Gteat Times

      Love Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers but without Louisiana Rain it’s not a greatest hits. Disappointed to say the least

    • alldayolemiss

      But album one of my favorite classic rock albums and I like every song on the album specially American girl. I have it in my every day playlist

    • K0k015

      Long live Tom Petty ❤️

    • rosaria torre

      I love Tom Petty’s music he was very talented and had an amazing voice.Im very annoyed and surprised that they didn’t include Yer so bad.Yer so bad is one of my favorite songs by them.I think if your starting to become a fan of Tom petty and the heartbreakers get the greatest hits album first.Tom Petty and the heartbreakers music is very amazing and I’m sure you would love their music If you haven’t hear it before 🎸🎤🎶🥁🎧

    • Galen bean1

      The best rock artist ever.!! He lived a good life and made amazing songs no one could ever compete with him. I’m 12 and I went to his concert in Nashville it was amazing Rip tom petty Rest In Peace.

    • Hehesamuel


    • JTdesign

      The problem with this album is that once you buy it, you'll realize what a great songwriter Petty was and that you need to get more. So you end up going back to his catalog and wishing that you bought whole albums instead of thinking you would cherry-pick the hits. Then you proceed to spend a lot of money, but you're glad you did, because the guy was amazing.