• Sex Love & Pain II MP3 Download

Sex Love & Pain II MP3 Download

Artist: Tank

Genre: R&B/Soul

Release Date: 2016-01-22

Title Time



 You Don't Know (feat. Wale)


 She wit the S*** (feat. Rich H


 #BDAY (feat. Chris Brown, Siya


 F***in Wit Me


 Relationship Goals


 I Love Ya (feat. Yo Gotti)


 So Cold


 Better for You


 Already in Love (feat. Shawn S


 Him Her Them


 Bishop Cognac (Skit)


    • monique_16001

      I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Hipp's Daughter

      This album is cool... But it doesn't come close to da original album!!! That album was fire from the first track! LSP2 just doesn't compare to the first Love Sex &Pain... Check out the 1st album's cover... It tells the story and his voice & lyrics tell you why the album pose spoke for the lyrical content! but hey, all Tank's early album were hot!!!

    • Chocolate Chip 217

      There is a whole lot of grown folk sangin going on here! This is a man who appreciates his wife.

    • Keyshiac1fan

      You support us Gays we will support you too!! Dope song!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • MsMimi92

      Amazzziiingggg 😍

    • Alease1201

      I usually love all of Tanks music but this album is my least favorite from all of the other albums he's released. 😞

    • Tony "TBizzle" Battle

      Hey did you know there's a clean version of this record to buy. yea its right next to the Explicit tab. engineers worked some steady hours to edit everyone a whole record without "profound meaning". Sex Love & Pain II,......that's the name of the album and most these reviews are bashing this really nice record. I think they should allow us a free download of the clean version when you purchase the explicit.

    • NickPetron

      This music is so generic and juvenile. The percussion they used, the features, the explicit language... come on. This is begging for radio play by using such cliches crap that somehow gets play and sales nowadays. Rich homie quan??? Nah. Now or Never was infinitely better. Can Tank sing and compose and produce good music? Of course. Is this some of it? NO.

    • Ms.RDR

      As a fan of SLP1, this project falls short. I liken SLP2 to "Godfather 3"~ an unworthy follow up to it's predecessor. What really annoys me is that even today, I can't download SLP1 from iTunes. I SPEND WAY TOO MUCH MONEY FOR THIS SLIGHT. It has been years. "Please Don't Go" was and still is one of Tank's biggest hits and the most iTunes can offer is a bunch of silly ringtones from the project. "Sex, Love and Pain" 1 needs to be available. Although I'm not a fan of this piece of work, Tank's voice is so intoxicating, I'll probably get it anyway. Tank is definitely and sadly so underrated.

    • Dee_money07

      Good album and I really don't listen to r&b like that.....👍🏾👍🏾