• Cancer - Single MP3 Download

Cancer - Single MP3 Download

Artist: twenty one pilots

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 2016-09-14

Title Time



    • Natalia paulik

      beautifully created

    • Reptileboy85

      MCR did it way better

    • alwni teyes


    • super oinky🐷


    • Fantastix4700

      Hi twenty one pilots. I’m a huge fan of yours but I’m kinda sad about the word play in this song “Cancer”. I fell very sad because on Christmas my friend died of cancer and I am very sad about it. Please let me know that this song is not about a real person. Thank you. -Fantastix4700

    • peepinstreil

      Way to take an amazing, heart-wrenching song and turn it into this abomination. Seriously, how do they sleep at night. Awful.


      I love both the twenty one pilots cover and the MCR original but to me there is no comparison. top took the song and made it their own and it’s completely different from MCR. Tyler and Gerard both have so much emotion in their voices but the music styles are very different. Still an amazing song by amazing artists.

    • El_Hipster1673


    • Twenty_Øne_nug_nug

      When I listen to this the world seems more calm and slowed down

    • EDE4636635353

      I’m a log and I’m a pig