• TOPxMM - EP MP3 Download

TOPxMM - EP MP3 Download

Artist: twenty one pilots

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 2016-12-20

Title Time

 Heathens (feat. MUTEMATH)


 Heavydirtysoul (feat. MUTEMATH


 Ride (feat. MUTEMATH)


 Tear in My Heart (feat. MUTEMA


 Lane Boy (feat. MUTEMATH)


    • 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😍


    • The_Galay3268

      Ok, this album is ok but I like the originals much better. I love the band but this is just not that great.

    • Natalia paulik

      thank you.

    • annakatlovestwentyønepiløts

      i sure do love the originals, but the way these songs were rethought was so innovative that i often find myself playing these more than the blurryface versions. the depth of the different instruments & the rawness of tyler’s voice truly show that this is next level music.

    • #greg is awesome

      I absolutely LOVE everything these guys put out. I really do. But, ehhhhh, I don’t know. Something about these remixes I don’t like. They sound ok, but it’s nothing like the originals.

    • TØP's biggest fan


    • Fire-Mysticic

      the remixes are beautiful with mutemath.

    • Gahannaboyz

      Honestly I hate myself when I 1st thought that this album was terrible. But then I actually came to my senses and found out I absolutely loved the songs in this album! I’ve always been a hardcore 21 Pilots fan so I really just wanna day thanks to Tyler and Josh for yet another great album!

    • Thoroughly Enjoyable

      You need no other music

    • The Next 21 Pilots

      The only one I really liked was lane boy. The others were just completely ruined.