• Joanne (Deluxe) MP3 Download

Joanne (Deluxe) MP3 Download

Artist: Lady Gaga

Genre: Pop

Release Date: 2016-10-21

Title Time

 Diamond Heart






 John Wayne


 Dancin' in Circles


 Perfect Illusion


 Million Reasons


 Sinner's Prayer


 Come to Mama


 Hey Girl (feat. Florence Welch


 Angel Down


 Grigio Girls


 Just Another Day


 Angel Down


    • Kiwi Cake 1600

      love gaga

    • kiddmarkk

      So good

    • Hayweezy

      iconic country queen

    • RockNRollStaaaa

      I generally listen to forms of rock and metal (so I may be biased), but I’ve been branching out for a couple years. I like her voice a lot, and I think Diamond Heart and Perfect Illusion are great songs. There are some songs that I don’t care for though, such as A-Yo. Good album overall, but I think it could be better.

    • Josue Galvez

      Mi joanne un álbum muy personal, fue agradable me encanto escuchar su voz real

    • Dgdg7

      Until I saw her live in Vegas. Seeing an artist live really shows how good they actually are, not just in studio. Live shows really make or break an artist/ band for me. I honestly had goosebumps listening to Gaga’s astounding voice. Million reasons is now one of my favorite songs. Gets me every time.

    • Sabstav91

      Queen of pop.

    • Mindgamer777

      I’m a woman over 50. I love this album. I really admire Lady Gaga as an artist, musician, songwriter, performer and now actress. She is incredibly talented. She’s not just a pretty face on the stage...she writes it and then plays the piano too while singing. Love it! She dreams it and sees it and brings her inspiration into fruition. Just can’t say enough about her and how much I love her work. This album is different than her other work sure...she is quite versatile. I love artists like her that you can’t put in a predictable “box”.

    • joancrawford04

      Bad album

    • Emarald dumond

      John Wayne is a great song