• I Created Disco MP3 Download

I Created Disco MP3 Download

Artist: Calvin Harris

Genre: Dance

Release Date: 2007-06-18

Title Time

 Merrymaking At My Place




 This Is the Industry


 The Girls


 Acceptable In the 80's


 Neon Rocks


 Traffic Cops




 I Created Disco


 Disco Heat


 Vault Character




 Love Souvenir


 Electro Man


 We're All the Same


    • Jake120502

      Merrymaking at my place-4.5/5 too much rap, and too annoying Traffic Cops-4.5/5 too short Vegas-4.5/5 a bit too much rap Vault character-4.5/5 too short Love suvenior-4.5/5 too sad and weird Electro man-4.5/5 a bit too calm. The rest is perfect!

    • RVAmusic

      I bought this as soon as it dropped. It is my fav of all his albums so far. He's a great artist and you must have this album! Not a 5 star but a Zillion stars! Just get it already.

    • Alex Hank

      I miss the Calvin that created disco, best album

    • eevidrine94

      I see people writing that this album is "finally available" in the us store. I remember this album actually had already came out in the US itunes store back in 07 (i even bought and downloaded it when it came out) but for some reason it disappeared. I guess they brought it back because he's "mainstream" now. Still a good album though and worth buying.

    • WAY310

      1. 18 Months Just Came Out His Songs Are Everywhere Why To Listen/Bypass Clips Before I Bought This I Went Over To Groove shark And Streamed It Great For Jogging or Editing videos Or Trying Out Your Old Cd Player! Overall 5 Star Rating!!

    • benmicro53

      This album is very awesome (especially for his 1st one) and its very hard to resist not to sing along and get hyped up (well, for me anyways) I can't tell which of his 3 album is the best one BUT THIS ONE IS ONE FOR MEMORY LANE! :D

    • Girly girlfriends!

      GO EIGHTIES STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jimbones2045

      Instead of "18 Months"

    • JavierPortela

      This album is THE BEST, I love it!, I love ALL Calvin Harris songs he is my favorite DJ & Producer! keep going like this you are the best!!!!!!

    • mllebleu

      Perfection.Thank you Itunes. Aural prozac.