• Ready for the Weekend (Bonus Track Version) MP3 Download

Ready for the Weekend (Bonus Track Version) MP3 Download

Artist: Calvin Harris

Genre: Dance

Release Date: 2009-08-18

Title Time

 The Rain


 Ready for the Weekend


 Stars Come Out


 You Used to Hold Me




 I'm Not Alone




 Worst Day (feat. Izza Kizza)






 Burns Night


 Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La


 Dance Wiv Me (feat. Calvin Har




 Greatest Fear (Bonus Track)


 I'm Not Alone (deadmau5 Mix) [


    • 256Pi

      I've heard all 4 of Calvin Harris's albums, and I think out of all of them this was his strongest. I like how he incorporated a variety of different styles on this, some 80s new wave, some 70s style disco (which ironically wasn't present on his first album, I Created Disco), and some rock tracks as well. For the most part it doesn't leave much of an impression on me, but he really nailed the final track, "5iliconeator", which manages to be both amazingly epic and kinda relaxing as well. I also like the soulful "Burns Night", and "Dance Wiv Me" for incorporating both nice-sounding piano/disco sounds and pumping 80s synths. That being said, Calvin Harris really doesn't bring anything new to the dance scene, and honestly it's entirely skippable, but at least unlike his more recent work, this is actually a pretty enjoyable album overall. Seriously though, stay away from his newer stuff. It can't hold a candle to this stuff, and this wasn't even particularly great to begin with.

    • Merbugz24

      Calvin Harris is my favorite artist & I am one of those teens that just wants to go to dance party, then dance to the awesome music of Calvin Harris.

    • Create Nickname? Why?

      This is the album you need if you liked feel so close. I'm not alone is still his best song after 18 months was released. This is great.

    • Andrés Robayo


    • CR640

      5iliconeator and Burns Night made me feel soothing and relaxing, but Ready for the Weekend, You Used to Hold Me, Relax, Stars Come Out, The Rain, Flashback, and I'm Not Alone makes me want to dance! Great work, Calvin!

    • JoVinaMarieGreen

      I definitely love this album! It's a must buy if you like EDM

    • Letsgothriftshopping!

      Dont take this the wrong way, but i love calvin harris, but his album covers never make sense

    • kenneth ramirez

      Unbelievably good. I dont know how so little people know about his music. More people have to hear his music and find out what they've been missing for so long.

    • DeAndre R.

      Everyone's trying to work with him now, and even Chris Brown's producer copied Yeah 3X from Harris' work...

    • Oleh Ukrainets

      it is very cooooolllll!!!!!!!!