• twenty one pilots MP3 Download

twenty one pilots MP3 Download

Artist: twenty one pilots

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 2009-12-29

Title Time

 Implicit Demand for Proof


 Fall Away


 The Pantaloon


 Addict With a Pen


 Friend, Please


 March to the Sea


 Johnny Boy


 Oh Ms. Believer


 Air Catcher




 A Car, a Torch, a Death


 Taxi Cab


 Before You Start Your Day


 Isle of Flightless Birds


    • jndfviubu

      Well I’m not a rock fan and twenty one pilots is not rock, but Air Catcher is as close as you can get to a rock song by them and I still love it. My favorites on this album are “Isle Of Flightless Birds” “Air Catcher”, and “@ddict With A Pen”. Great stuff.

    • Dolefruitcup

      Skin? Cleared. Cancer? Cured. Sleep? Fulfilled. Happiness? Restored. Weight? Lost. Hotel? Trivago.

    • 🥌🥌🥌

      this is my favorite album that’s available on itunes [yeah, regiONAL AT BEST-] but seriously this is such an amazing album, isle of flightless birds is definitely my favorite song and friend, please is probably the most powerful song i’ve ever heard. also trapdoor is insanely underrated ok bye

    • poopoomaxy


    • beeboxbanditø

      I don’t care if it’s nine years old I love it and I love Tyler (even though he’s a coward)

    • Zanifiy pup 🐶

      All you haters don’t listen to his lyrics. You just brush it off without really paying attention. If you DID listen, you’d know that he’s trying to battle depression and suicidal thoughts and is calling to God for help. No matter how bad an album is from this band, wether it’s the worst or the best, I will still love it with all of my heart. These beans have been with me through a lot, so I’m not willing to back down from them. You probably don’t care about this, but my favorite songs from them will always be A Car, a Torch, a Death and Trees. I love Screen, The Judge, Fall Away, Taxi Cab, Oh, Ms. Believer, Goner, Nico and the Niners, Chlorine, Legend, Car Radio, Glowing Eyes, and a whole lot more. But those two will always be my favorites. Before I leave, I want everyone to do a few things: - Stay alive - Ask for forgiveness, because it’s never too late for that - Listen to a whole butt-load more of TOP - Tell the people you love “I love you” - And just walk on. No matter what else is going on in the world, slap a smile on your face, ignore those thoughts, and live life.

    • Icie3

      Best album by far! I like how Trench has more this kind of alternative style mixed with the mainstream new stuff.

    • Summerlyn J.

      Ever sense I was a little girl I have listened to twenty one pilots, they are my life they are what inspired me to write music and make songs. I love this album these songs are basically exposing my life and I feel that if I could ever meet them in real life I would die!!

    • chewycaty

      Wow... It all started with this album... Is twenty øne piløts the best band? Twent Y Øn E Piløt S

    • The Great TØP Fan

      They are the best duo I’ve ever seen and heard. I love them with my absolute up consent and I hope they keep going.