• twenty one pilots MP3 Download

twenty one pilots MP3 Download

Artist: twenty one pilots

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 2009-12-29

Title Time

 Implicit Demand for Proof


 Fall Away


 The Pantaloon


 Addict With a Pen


 Friend, Please


 March to the Sea


 Johnny Boy


 Oh Ms. Believer


 Air Catcher




 A Car, a Torch, a Death


 Taxi Cab


 Before You Start Your Day


 Isle of Flightless Birds


    • Gahannaboyz

      I love all of their songs, they’re the best!!!

    • Six0606

      Five stars for this album it’s sounds SO COOL

    • Swimmingpassenger

      The best music ever. Just amazing. Just perfect. Love it.

    • ŗęąɠąŋ ђųŋɭęƴ 💩🤘🏻🤓

      It’s 2018 and I was listening to this the other day and realized again how great it is🖤||-//

    • Buhlocaye


    • Qtangel😁


    • T.Ø.P. = 1st

      Nearly decade old, but still so good! Especially for a first album too!

    • FryMommy

      If you just started listening to Twenty One Pilots in 2012 or later then do NOT buy this album. If I had to name this Ablum I would call it 'Horrible Christian Music Presents Ode to Suicide'. It's depressing, corny, and has a circus like piano theme to it. Tyler's singing is awful. It is not just the worst Twenty One Pilots album ever, it may just be one of the worst albums in general. But, if you listen to K-Love, you just might fall in love with this depressing ode to god and depression.

    • B_natt17

      There are some really amazing songs on this album. It’s regularly played in my car!

    • Limelight Phan

      This band has come so far. I love their music and every lyric is full of emotion and meaning. This album is incredible and inspiring. I only started listening to them after the release of the Blurryface album, but honestly this album is my favorite. The piano and his voice pair together perfectly and the result is this beautiful album. I honestly get so much comfort listening to this album. Stay Alive and Sick as Frick, my frens. |-/