• twenty one pilots MP3 Download

twenty one pilots MP3 Download

Artist: twenty one pilots

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 2009-12-29

Title Time

 Implicit Demand for Proof


 Fall Away


 The Pantaloon


 Addict With a Pen


 Friend, Please


 March to the Sea


 Johnny Boy


 Oh Ms. Believer


 Air Catcher




 A Car, a Torch, a Death


 Taxi Cab


 Before You Start Your Day


 Isle of Flightless Birds


    • chewycaty

      Wow... It all started with this album... Is twenty øne piløts the best band? Twent Y Øn E Piløt S

    • The Great TØP Fan

      They are the best duo I’ve ever seen and heard. I love them with my absolute up consent and I hope they keep going.

    • JOSHlersAšš


    • Crazykids6

      Still an awesome album

    • oliviarose_0328

      beautiful instrumentals in implicit demand for proof. lyrical genius in isle of flightless birds and a car, a torch, a death. outstanding vocals in trapdoor. the meaning behind taxi cab, before you start your day, and friend, please always find a way to make me cry in the best way possible. and let me say loud and proud... AIR CATCHER IS THE BEST SONG THEY’VE EVER DONE TO DATE. this album never ceases to amaze me, even though we are currently in the trench era. keep it up💛

    • life is gucci

      One of their first albums but still one of their best albums

    • nerfpro423

      I love this and all the other albums

    • yassgood

      I love

    • stroudwithandesty

      i cant really say anything, except it GREAT. Also i have no idea why they put this album under rock...... its not

    • carølina frånk

      i’ve been listening to this band for god knows how long but this is by far one of my favorite albums. it’s so raw and expresses tyler’s feelings very well. this album is one of the main reasons im alive. it’s with me through ups and downs. 11/10 would recommend.