• Vessel MP3 Download

Vessel MP3 Download

Artist: twenty one pilots

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 2013-01-04

Title Time

 Ode To Sleep


 Holding On To You




 House of Gold


 Car Radio






 The Run and Go


 Fake You Out


 Guns For Hands






    • Jill Nemergut

      The title speaks for itself, but honestly bro, that was sick. My personal favorites have to be “Holding Onto You” “Semi-Automatic” and “Fake You Out” but aswell “Migraine” because they’re awesome but the whole album is fire sis. I was a fan since 2015 but on there hiatus I kinda forgot them so oopsie but now I know they are the sh*t. Love you guys!

    • uhm nikname

      This is probaly there best album so yeah

    • 56gaara

      Josh and Tyler, you did amazing as always. your music has saved my life and i’m forever grateful. i love you guys 💙

    • The_Galay3268

      Love the songs on here. Don’5 pay attention to what the haters are saying. If you think this is trash you don’t know what music is.

    • Rosellia :3

      Beautiful, catchy, and deep, there’s not one song that I dislike on this album.

    • GospelSharer16

      Thank you fren ||-//

    • Mitchell08

      By far their best album. So much energy and dripping with emotion. Nothing has touched me more than this album

    • brandon0533

      Whoever says this is not alternative needs to die.

    • debbie???

      Amazing. The music is great and holds great meaning.

    • life is gucci

      Yes this album is one of my favorites!!! It means so much to me and touches my heart 💛💛💛 ||-// Stay Alive