• Under Control (feat. Hurts) - Single MP3 Download

Under Control (feat. Hurts) - Single MP3 Download

Artist: Calvin Harris & Alesso

Genre: Dance

Release Date: 2013-10-07

Title Time

 Under Control (feat. Hurts)


    • NOTADJ

      One of my absolute fav's!! The extended version is much better, but as usual, iTunes doesn't have the extended version of a top EDM track. Shame, because the extended version is WAY better! But 5 stars either way!

    • Not a mahomie still read this

      This song was made in 2013?!!! I thought it was new It just got up on the charts It was made in 2013 ?!!?! Wow Overall it's a good song wait not good AWESOME!!!!

    • Simps 2.0

      Cant wait for new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BR70N

      Calvin,hurts,and alesso good combo

    • nnedi

      Not his best work, but it is considered 3 stars because I really like the beat.

    • KC 16-0

      I don't understand why this song, and a majority of others are so short in length. What ever happened to the 6-7 minute tracks that this genre was meant to deliver?

    • Candyseas

      Calvins just incapable of disappointing! ^^

    • Victorix93

      Theo's voice made this song sound more deep and sensual. Great work! Excellent Calvin + Alesso collaboration! Keep up this success, guys.

    • Klose Encounter

      I love how you can tell which parts of this track were made by Alesso and which parts were made by Calvin Harris. For example, in the climax and bulid you hear that killer rave synth that Alesso uses in Years while Calvin Harris's almosts bubbly sound from from Feel So Close and Sweet Nothing helps support the build-up and can be hear behind the Alesso synth at the climax. I've never heard of Hurts before but I have to say he definitely lives up to the vocalists that are featured in other tracks by these artists.

    • Carley97

      Amazing song!