• Floating While Dreaming MP3 Download

Floating While Dreaming MP3 Download

Artist: Pell

Genre: Rap

Release Date: 2014-05-27

Title Time

 Dollar Store




 Now You Know


 Little Things (feat. PJ Morton


 Fresh Produce


 Kreation (feat. Curtis William


 The Never (feat. LV Baby)


 Morning Light




 Gibberish (feat. Helen Le)


 SC2014 (feat. Boldy James)


 Wait On Me (feat. Dent May)


 Imaginary Friends (Bonus Track


    • BetterDays333

      I forgot to write a review a loooooong time ago, so here it is...

    • teep25

      This is a great album because the fact that he has his own style and is diverse in his music.

    • Ghostanomics

      Pell you need to KEEP THIS UP!! I remember when I started listening to this album but don't think I'll know when to stop!! This is a Classic hands down people are going to compare you or try to Categorize you but this is YOUR sound keep it alive & Wavy!! -Ghost-

    • Swaggy Nat

      When I first heard Eleven:11 I fell in love. I hope he goes far.

    • Kmendz


    • Cvrrterr

      This album is my album of the year. Thank you so much Pell.

    • Jacktown04

      This album is amazing. There are songs that stick with you after many days and months of listening. The versatility of Pell is fantastic and the ambient noises that come from his bars and beats will not let you down, at all. Especially with its underpriced value.

    • Fame_O

      The low price of this album captured my attention. Even more surprising is the superb quality of this album. Too many rappers at trying to be Kendrick Lamar and copying his style. Pell is doing his own thing. This is soulful with deep catchy beats. The cover art is very appropriate. I feel like Im floating to a new world of sound. It's almost disrespectful to say it's worth every penny, cause it's worth more!

    • hleblanc12

      Saw Pell in Boston at the Middle East, ended up having a good conversation with him and completely forgot about him until now... Listening to this album I don't know how I could forget him, he's an amazing young artist and I expect big things from him

    • holykodiak

      This whole album is awesome and get it while it's so cheap. Even if you only like 3 songs (which I can almost guarantee won't be the case) it's all about experiencing a new artist, and Pell brings a new sound that you won't regret listening to.