• Wildflowers MP3 Download

Wildflowers MP3 Download

Artist: Tom Petty

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 1994-10-21

Title Time



 You Don't Know How It Feels


 Time to Move On


 You Wreck Me


 It's Good to Be King


 Only a Broken Heart


 Honey Bee


 Don't Fade On Me


 Hard On Me


 Cabin Down Below


 To Find a Friend


 A Higher Place


 House In the Woods


 Crawling Back to You


 Wake Up Time


    • $Angel84$

      I grew up listening to this song with my Mother

    • Loop66

      This is my favorite TP album hands down! Don’t get me wrong all of his stuff his great but I put this album on and listen to it all the way through and then listen to it again! I feel privileged to have seen him live just once but hey there’s a lot of people that didn’t get to. Rock and Roll heaven has gained another elite member!

    • paulanthony1969

      Thank you TP and crew for this...one of my ALL TIME favorite CDs....you know somenthing is great when you can listen to it from beggining to end and enjoy every song. The lyrics, the guitar the vocals...all perfection. Get this and enjoy! RIP Legened

    • aeastin

      I go back to this well over and over and over and over and always find a cool, refreshing take. RIP Mr. Petty. This album is more than music, it’s a friend.

    • JF in CPT


    • Road Gripper

      This is the perfect album to slip into the CD player....and just drive. Let it play over and over, the smooth sounds of this work-of-art makes the miles melt away behind you. As my road trip passenger once proclamed, "This is the perfect jingly-jangly type of music to keep you toes tappin' and your fingers snappin'." Classically good stuff.

    • Fender😝🍕🍩🎸Guitar

      When Life is a pill you gotta swallow but my pill my was huge. So this song helped me swallow. Good acceptance album. Time to move on is so relaxing and I listen to it after every cross country race. You wreck me reminds me of high school in the movies. Wildflowers makes me feel happy about trees on this bike trail I go on in the fall. It's so beutiful. It also makes me in a good positive mood that something good will happen. Wake up time is amazing. It's good to be king is a true song. Who would wanna be king? A higher place brings the feelings of a couple about to get in the car and go to their new house. It's amazing. You don't know how it feels is sad but a good one for being solo. This album I listened to a lot last year and it rings me back to cross country season with all my friends who I hope to see soon. Just an amazing album.

    • Pelican33

      If you know Petty… you know how good “Crawling Back to You” is. Maybe the best song on this album!!!

    • Bates.er

      I love this album! I bought it when it came out in '94. It gets better each time I listen to it!

    • Abab9879

      Best song ever! My current favorite and probably top 5 favorite songs of all time! Such a good song!