• Gary Clark Jr. Live MP3 Download

Gary Clark Jr. Live MP3 Download

Artist: Gary Clark Jr.

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 2014-09-19

Title Time

 Catfish Blues (Live)


 Next Door Neighbor Blues (Live


 Travis County (Live)


 When My Train Pulls In (Live)


 Don't Owe You a Thang (Live)


 Three O'Clock Blues (Live)


 Things Are Changin' (Live)


 Numb (Live)


 Ain't Messin' 'Round (Live)


 If Trouble Was Money (Live)


 Third Stone from the Sun / If


 Please Come Home (Live)


 Blak and Blu (Live)


 Bright Lights (Live)


 When the Sun Goes Down (Live)


    • oshun

      He's got it all. So good,...so good...

    • Darby Agnew

      Hendrix, R.L. Burnside and Hound Dog Taylor rolled into one band.

    • Vajra Sky

      I came late to Clark, but have been a fifty-year fan of the blues, from the Delta to the rolling hills of North Carolina. I realize that some blues aficionados have had some hesitations about Clark's filling his gigantic potential, but I don't feel that way about his music. He's inherited the oldest musical tradition in the country, and he's done some pretty deep and intuitive listening to it. Hendrix doesn't intimidate him; Albert Collins and Buddy Guy run deep in his gene pool; and when he needs to call on the spirit of John Lee Hooker, Hooker comes running. Maybe we're still listening for that unique Clark inflection on this massive tradition, but I kinda think I'm hearing it, maybe in its infancy, but this guy is young and he seems to know how to cultivate the music and his place in it. Some of the older blues artists I knew personally—like Honey Boy Edwards, friend of Robert Johnson—used to always talk about "respecting" the music and musicians that had come before, and I think, in a contemporary way, Clark is doing a lot of that. Uniqueness, as we see, hear, and praise it in the pop tradition, isn't a virtue in traditional blues, and Clark clearly knows that. He's paying his dues, offering his respect, and he's doing that a very high level. Let's give him a decade more or so and see if we can tell a Clark take on a blues standard after a couple of notes—as you can with BB King—and then we can make more serious judgments. But for now? This guy's got it, and he gives it out, over and over. Massive talent. Let him grow and mature at his own pace . . . I love what he's done on this live album. Unqualified success.

    • Mad_dawg_JG

      This album shows how talented he is. And if you get the chance to see him live take it!

    • Half-Pintz

      "When my train pulls in" is what I listen to 5am before work couple with my Columbian Coffee gets me ready for the day...then jammin Gary all the way to work....Gary restored my faith in today's music again.....


      What a masterful live recording. Super Dynamic. If you like the blues, you’ll love it after Live Gary Clark Jr. therapy.

    • BOB23456789123456789123456789

      This has been his greatest release yet. As soon as I heard the opening track of "Catfish Blues," I knew this album was going to be great. It's a beacon of hope for any blues fan.

    • California Blues

      Have this album on vinyl and digital its just simply the best!

    • Miked1ndpkr

      Discovered this dude watching The Chef and I have to say I am very happy I purchased the album. I honestly didn't think music or musicians like this existed anymore. I was wrong. This live album is really really really good.

    • Rhein7

      Didn't think it was possible for a live album to be even better than the studio recording but Gary Clark Jr is one of those rare musicians that proves that it can be done. Waiting anxiously for his next album, in the interim I can't wait to finally see him live this summer in NYC with D'Angelo.