Mad Love 2 PDF Download

Mad Love 2 PDF Download

By: Colet Abedi
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2015-09-21


This two book series was enjoyable for me. However, I did not care for the pretty abrupt ending in this book.


How in the heck can you cliffhanger me like that?! Beyond rude! I am so in love with these characters then... boom💥... the book ends? You are doin me dirty Colet. Dirty!


This series grabbed me the first chapter. I fell in love with all the chapters but especially Clayton. He is the Alpha you want to love to hate but his love for his family and Sophie is addicting. I didn’t want this story to end and I still want more! I need to know what’s happens when they start to live!


Loved both books


Colet, of all the writers I have in my I Pad none brought me to tears, and laughs and joy as your books. The characters and the semantics practically fresh, the way you created Clayton and his demons...Sophie’s innocence and rational... You have no idea the memories you woke up, my heart thank you for the moments. Mia🎭


I want a third book!


Colet did an amazing job writing people just as they are, messy, complicated, funny, smart, insecure. I rode her roller coaster at the edge of my seat and am already dying because I don’t see book 3. Please tell me it’s coming. I’m a new fan. Must read. Love her!


What can I say about this book, but Wow it keeps you in suspense wondering what will happen between Ava and Clayton, You can feel the push and pull between them. I loved and hated Clayton sometimes I also loved and hated Ava sometimes they both needed to grow up and either be all in there relationship or get out, the back and forth was driving me crazy... I didn’t like the ending I wish the author would have given us a little more since they had such a turbulent start and middle and etc...


Wow! Laugh, cry!! Very great book.


This book kept my attention the whole way through! There has to be another book to this series!

Mad Love 2

Loved Loved Loved both books so much. I hope to read more books from this wonderful author Colet Abedi.


Loved their love story but the ending was not what I expected. I want more! There has to be more, don't leave it at that 😭 did they get married? What's their future? So intriguing! Please continue their story!!!!!!!!!