Truly Madly Guilty PDF Download

Truly Madly Guilty PDF Download

By: Liane Moriarty
Genre: Family, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2016-07-26

K. Hutton

Couldn’t put it down! Just had to know what happened at that bbq! Definitely recommending to my reader-friends! Enjoy


I couldn’t finish this book. It is maddening how long it took to get to the point! And it was extremely depressing. Had to stop reading. Ugh.


This book is unnecessarily long. You should read long enough to learn the characters, skip to the middle to learn the incident, and skip to the end. Don’t bother reading the book; it will bore you to death.


It was lengthy & would never end. I made myself finish it but wished I'd never started it. -not a page turner

DB Railfan

Loose ends, jumping around from 1 day to present, too much. Not her best work.


It wasn't terrible, it just wasn't good. So much build up and suspense but I kept waiting for it to "get good" and it never did. Like reading a boring magazine on an airplane to pass the time.


My book club selected this book and I was initially intrigued but the lead-up to the climax dragged and the climax was the epitome of anticlimactic. I grew to hate the characters and their inability to get on with life. Wine should be required to accompany this book-its the only way to get through it. Wish I could get my time and money back.


Not one likable character to make the wait for what happened at the stupid bar b q bearable. Bad grammar, typos just made it worse.


Like other reviewers, I am a fan of Liane’s writing and enjoyed her writing. I flew through her other books in as quick as a day and I was really excited for this one! However, I found myself getting irritated at the drawn out story. They keep alluding to the events that happen at the BBQ, but when it finally gets to that part, its not even that great. The whole build-up felt anti-climatic. Many times I wanted to quit reading this, but because I spent money on the book I made myself finish it…and it took me several weeks because it was so dull!!! Do yourself a favor and SKIP THIS ONE!


This book was so slow at first, but at least it did pick up in the second half. It was okay, but not great so I would not recommend to a friend. This was my third Liane Moriarity book and I felt like this after each one, guess I should move on from her....


I am a huge Liane Moriarty fan, so much so I preordered this and stalked my mailbox until it arrived. Maybe I expected too much but this book fell short. The story line fell flat and felt like it was rushed to be published. Not nearly as good as Husband's Secret, Three Wishes, or my favorite, Big Little Lies.


Moriarty has always excelled at maintaining suspense. Now she's matured into a wise observer of human nature as well. This book tunnels into the psychology of adults and children, examining the aftermath of a near-tragedy, its impact on the marriages and family dynamics of the people involved. At the same time, it entertains - Moriarty's breezy humor and expert pacing are at their best.