Now That I've Found You PDF Download

Now That I've Found You PDF Download

By: Bella Andre
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-04-13


I am a huge fan of Bella Andre and have read and enjoyed all of the books in the Sullivan series. As I read this latest book I found myself thinking that it seemed like a recycled version of Chloe and Chase's story...Drake comes upon Rosa in a storm, just like how Chase and Chloe met. Rosa was running from the paparazzi just like Chloe was running from her ex. Rosa wasn't sure she could trust Drake and didn't want to expose him to her messy life just like Chloe wasn't sure she could trust Chase after her ex-husband's treatment of her. Rosa had her embroidery and Chloe had her quilting. Except for Rosa's issues with her mother and Drake's issues with his Dad, the story was just too similar. Entertaining and heartwarming on one level, but disappointing on another level. If it's your first Bella Andre book, however, then you'll really enjoy it.


Bella Andre has done it again!!! If you want a great read, you just have to pick any book by Bella Andre! This is a continuation of her Sullivan Series and an introduction to the New York side of the family and the first in the New York series. Drake Sullivan is a world famous painter who at first is creatively blocked and extremely afraid of making the same mistakes his Dad made as an artist. He will not paint a woman and let her become his obsession. His father lost his passion for painting after losing his Mom and object of most of his paintings. As a result, Drake has never had a close relationship with his Dad. Rosalind Bouchard is a Reality TV personality, that has been hurt and betrayed by a greedy person who has taken nude pictures of her without her knowing about it. He sells them and they are all over the news and the internet. Rosa goes off the grid and ends up on a cliff out side Drake's cabin. She feels so violated and loses her trust in herself and everyone. She does not know who she can trust or how to handle the situation. When Drake spots her out side her cabin, he is drawn to her and mildly obsessed, in a good way. His creativity explodes and he wants to paint her. He fights it because of his fears. Through a series of fateful incidents, Drake ends up running into Rosalind. He becomes her protector and helps her without pressuring her. He sees the true girl behind the protective wall, he sees the strong, resilient and determined Rosa (her preferred name), even though she does not see it herself. Will Drake give in to his need to paint Rosa and possibly fall into the same pitfall his Dad did or will he let himself find true love like his cousins have done in previous books? Will Rosa finally trust in herself and her growing feelings for Drake or will she continue running and shut out everyone? This is a story of healing and believing in oneself as well as following your heart and passions in life. You immediately connect with each and every character in the book. You feel their pain, their joy, and need for healing as well as their connection to each other. There are so many sweet and steamy elements to the story that make you keep reading. As with all of Bella Andre's books, you cannot put it down. I was given an Advanced Reader copy in exchange for an honest review. I can honestly say, it is a fantastic read and book! I loved every page!


This story is fantastic. I enjoyed the love story, especially the dedication and loyalty exhibited by the family! The way Bella Andre (author) used loss and hardship to develop this beautiful storyline kept my eyes glued to the pages.


This is the 15th book in the Sullivan series. The first set was about the San Francisco Sullivans and then the Seattle Sullivans. This installment is our first look at the New York Sullivans. Whenever I get a new Bella Andre book, I make sure I have enough time to devote to it because I know that once I start, I won't be able to put it down! Drake is a famous, wealthy painter who has hit a dry spell. He then meets Rosa, who is all the inspiration he needs to paint again. She is a reality tv star who is on the run due to nude photos, taken without her knowledge, that are now all over the Internet. Rosa tries to fight her feelings for Drake, but their chemistry is off the charts! If you think you would be interested in a beautiful couple, both inside and out, with a realistic contemporary storyline, in a setting you would love to go to on your next vacation, then this is the book for you! This book, like all of the others in the series, is a full-length standalone with a HEA, that can be read in any order. One of the San Francisco Sullivans, Smith, plays a small part in the book, but Bella gives enough information about him that someone new to the series could easily start by reading this one first. With that being said, I really enjoyed reading them in the order they were written. I was gifted with a copy of this book for an honest review. This book is another of Bella Andre's that rates 5 stars. I am now eagerly awaiting the next book in the series about Suzanne, Drake's sister. I highly recommend this book and ALL of the Sullivan series. You will not be disappointed!


Bella wrote another great book. The characters make you think that you are one of the Sullivan family and you get to feel like you are invited to one of the famous Sullivan parties. While reading about the moody artist and the Hollywood brand name starlet your feelings for the happy ending are up and down. This book is well integrated with the series but easily a stand alone book as well. Another home run book.


Another winner from Bella Andre! Just love the New York Sullivan's. What a wonderful love story! A must read!


I have followed all of the Sullivans from San Francisco to Seattle and now to New York, and loved them all. I almost feel like a stalker peeking in to see what they are up to, but I am really looking forward to all of the New York Sullivans. Drake and Rosa's story was the introduction of the cousins from New York, and most of the story was about Drake and Rosa and a more intimate detail on their falling in love and healing old family hurts, with the mention of Smith and Drake's father, brothers and sister. The last half of the book was better for me with the introduction of the rest of Drake's family and the interactions of them all with their father and each other. For me that was when Rosa really came alive and and the book peaked. After reading "Now That I've Found You", I cannot wait to read the next story of this clan. Looking forward to Suzanne Sullivan's story this fall. Thank You to Bella Andre and her team for gifting me with an ARC of "Now That I've Found You" and only asking for my honest review. 4.5 Stars!


"Now That I've Found You" (New York Sullivans Book 1/ Sullivans Series Book 15) by Bella Andre is a fantastic read! I loved Drake and Rosa. This is an excellent addition to the Sullivans Series. I'm anxious to read what will happen next in "Since I Fell For You" (New York Sullivan's Book 2). Looking forward to getting to know the rest of the New York Sullivans! Highly recommend to all fans of romance and close families.


I love the Sullivan family. I was so excited that we get to know the New York cousins. I enjoyed Drake and Rosa's story but for me it did lack the intensity and dimension of the San Francisco and Seattle Sullivans. Drake and Rosa have reasons why they shouldn't have a relationship however, their attraction and magnetism cannot be denied. I thought they balanced each other allowing their reservations to slowly diminish and giving them the safe space to accept their love. I was surprised by the relationship between Drake and his father, William. I understand the tragedy of Drake's mother's death and how William blames himself for it but, it just seems out of character for a Sullivan not to have a better handle on things. Of course, this dynamic mirrors Rosa's situation with her mother which allows a greater understanding and kinship between Drake and Rosa. I liked it but, not my favorite of the Sullivans.

Cheryl Stork

Drake Sullivan is the youngest brother of four siblings and an amazing well know artist like his father was but he has not been inspired to paint in a few months and has hidden himself in his cabin in the Hampton's to try and find some inspiration that's where he first sees a young woman crying on the cliffs he goes to check on her and he is awe struck. Rosa Bouchard is running from some awful things happening in her public life and doesn't know what to do and trust no one until she meets Drake and he is so different then what she is used to but she still wants to run. Drake wants to help her but she doesn't want to drag him into her mess. This a sweet sexy and well written romance. We also get to see how some of the cousins are doing as well. It's a must read. I was given an ARC of this book for my honest review


Drake and Rosa… wow… once again a wonderful book from Bella. I have followed this series since Book #1. Can’t wait for Book #16. I an a HUGE FAN of Bella Andre. She has never let me down. Bella’s writing paints the perfect picture. You can always picture the places she is describing. Helps put a great perspective on things. I love the way the family is always supportive in her books.


When you think, Bella had done it all, she captivates you yet with another amazing story. "Now that I have found" is an exquisite balance of self-doubt, fear, need for alone time and curiosity, attraction and taking a chance, even if it is against everything they always thought they would not do (paint a woman in his case, and trust again in her case). I love Drake Sullivan: charming, strong and kind as all Bella’s Sullivans men, yet with a sensitive and artistic side, and may-be the most surprising and more important for me a complicated relationship with his father. But above all, I really love Rosa who brings layers of complex emotions yet she finds a way to find her true self, her balance and respect herself! Finally, the location is anything but what I expected being a New York setting which made it even more special and allowed the characters to connect and create an intense love story that is incredibly well narrated and vivid in beautifil sceneries. Thanks Bella for blowing this one out of the water, and making me want to discover Drake’s siblings in the rest of the New York Sullivans’ serie…. like yesterday!