Hitched, Volume 3 PDF Download

Hitched, Volume 3 PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-08-02


I wanna say I still like volume 2 just a little bit more than this one, but it's close. I still really enjoyed all three of them. The storyline was pretty good, just a tad frustrating at times. I love Noah and Olivia together, they really make each other better. The 2nd half was much better than the 1st half. The ending was really cute and I loved it. Definitely excited for The Fix Up now; I think it'll be really entertaining!


I was a bit angry with Noah for what he was thinking at the end of #2. The difficulty Olivia was giving him for this action was totally justified. But as I kept reading all I could think of was just let it go. I see reasoning behind it now. The ends wraps everything together. It just made things that much sweeter. I enjoyed the growth Olivia and Noah showed as characters. I don't mind insta-love. Sometimes it's a bit out there. But for them they actually grew to love each other. Really nice story. I enjoyed the suspense. I enjoyed the forgiving.


Wow love this author...you got me laughing so much...and love Noah and Olivia, it will be nice to have another book of them with a big family continue the legacy of their company...i will be reading more of your books... Ty... I am your true fan...


I'm so Sad Hitched is Over!!! OMG!! Hitched Vol: 1,2 and 3 are Awesome!! Hitched is a Must read! Kendall Ryan will NEVER dissapoint Hitched was an Awesome, Perfect, Hot story The ending was the Best! Love Love Love reading Hitched!


Totally worth reading...The only complaint is the ending, it was odd and felt rushed. I hope their story continues into their next new chapter of life...


I loved ALL 3 of these books I loved Noah and Olivia how they were childhood friends and then how they became me who the are. I could not wait for all the books to come out and now that I did I LOVE them.


It was blah, boring, and similarly written a 1,000 times before. I so dislike having to wait and spend $ on a 3 part story that essentially takes the reader nowhere.


Love this book series . Best read .