Behind Closed Doors PDF Download

Behind Closed Doors PDF Download

By: B A Paris
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2016-08-09


you’ll get drawn in and unable to stop reading superrr good!!!!


yes you know


Completely unbelievable. So extreme and unrealistic. Story line has potential to great and relatable to people who have encountered this kind of domestic abuse but it’s just so extreme it’s ridiculous.


Predictable story that couldn’t keep my attention. It put my to sleep. I would not recommend this book.


Highly recommend. Easy quick read!


It was an interesting concept about a man who seems perfect, only to get what he wants and then ruins his wife’s life. It wasn’t a one- sitting type of read, but I wanted to finish it to see how it ended and if she ever escaped him. I would have liked for the ending to have been more detailed and have more “oomph” but it did the job.


How anyone can say that this book was a thriller “can’t put it down” is mind boggling. It was a boring book with snobbish, self center characters.

Mike Pekar

This novel is right up there with all of the best I have read. An amazing and somewhat sorry full store of an abusive and somewhat disturbed husband who weds an opposite caring and trusting woman who has no idea of the terrifying journey her marriage will take her on.


Just purchased this book, because it was rated very well and under $4 to buy! this kept me turning page after page every day and the style it’s written back and forth really kept me going! loved this book and even the recommendation of other books by the author herself!

Marcel and harrys wife

I really did have low expectations of the book and it’s hard to get me to really read a book all in one sitting and this one did that! While reading I was able to predict what was happening but I think that’s what the author intended you to think because as I got deeper I was more surprised and then ending was great. 10/10 recommend


Did not love any of the characters through the entire book but I could not stop reading because I wanted to know what was coming next. Reading a book when you can’t find anything to like about any character is why I gave it a 3


Please make a second book to this.. I need more of Grace and Millie