Wednesday PDF Download

Wednesday PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-05-23


Shaw and Chloe are BFF. Shaw marries someone else and Chloe pines away. Not dating, throwing herself into the family business. Then Shaw's wife does in a car accident. Chloe helps Shaw through the pain- to find love again. But it takes a tropicalstorm


Loved this book so much. You will not be able to put it down once you start it.


What a beautiful story! I was so mad at him and then so sad... you had me from the 1st page. Great job! Can't wait to get my hands on your next book!


Wednesday is a short and sexy novella that blends the friends to lovers and best friend's sister tropes together with a bit of forbidden romance thrown in for good measure. I really enjoyed this quick read and found myself wrapped up in Shaw and Chloe's friendship with benefits story almost immediately. Telling the story from both of their points of views also helped paint a clearer picture of their emotional turmoil and gave insight into their decisions and behavior. My heart ached for both of them as they stumbled through their feelings for each other and the ramifications of their actions. Since it's a novella, we don't get a lot of back story or character development, but I thought there was a good mix of sexy times and angst and that the pacing was just right. I did find Shaw's behavior a bit much at times and had a hard time believing that he would treat his best friend in such a cold way. I do understand that he was grieving and confused and that grief can make people act very differently, but his epiphany and actions at the end of the story gave me emotional whiplash. I also had some issues with Chloe and her willingness to submit to Shaw in every way just to keep him in her life. I wanted her to have more backbone and be unapologetic about it. I was rooting for them to get their happily ever after though, and the last chapters and epilogue showed me the sweeter side to Shaw that Chloe saw in him all along. Overall, Wednesday is an emotionally packed novella that you won't want to put down!


It was an awesome short story. I loved the Shaw finally took the leap and went for what he knew they both wanted in the end. Chloe and Shaw were just meant to be since childhood.


A great short story about tragedy and undying love. Chloe and Shaw brave the waters to rediscover their friendship and survive the tragedy that hits Shaw's life. Full of passion, an alpha male, a strong woman, and love. A great quick read.


Wednesday by Kendall Ryan is a stand-alone short romance story filled with angst and heartache and love and, ultimately, a happy ever after. In my reading experience I have found that it is often hit or miss with pacing in a novella or shorter story. Have no fear, this one is spot on. Every single word on every single page just flows along and between the pity you initially feel for Shaw and the angst for Chloe and her situation it was just a perfect combination. I have loved everything I have read so far by Kendall Ryan and this was absolutely no exception. I am so glad that she took the time out to write this book, 1000 words at a time, it was fabulous.


Talk about an emotional read. My heart was torn between wanting to reach in to my kindle and shaking Chloe and telling her to stop, to wanting to smack Shaw upside his head. The chemistry between these two is crazy, and it was great to see Shaw finally emerge from the hole he was in, even if it took a bit of a wake up call to get there. Chloe was an awesome heroine, and seemed to know exactly what she needed to do after she came to realize how deep her feelings for Shaw truly went. This story drew me in, and had me on the edge of my seat in some places, and other spots left me shocked as information was revealed. This is definitely a must read!!


Quick read with great characters. Liked it very much😊


Short, sassy, sexy and full of angst. A great beach read! Shaw is a broken man, Chloe is the childhood best friend that just wants to help fix him. Help him heal. Sex is what he takes, it’s what he needs, it’s her way to help. Lines are bleeding from black and white to grey. “That’s right. Take it, Baby. I want to you to come apart” A great read with wonderful writing, a fabulous story line and will leave you melting with you panties on fire.

Kelly_BTC Blog

Kendall Ryan does it again! I loved everything about this novella! The perfect length, the heartfelt connections with the characters, and the erotic sex and dirty talk was off the charts! This love story drew me in and kept me captivated with the real-life, raw absolute must read! 5 Stars!

Michell C

This was some of Kendall Ryan's best work yet!! This was a quick sexy read! I couldn't put it down, finished in one sitting. I loved the storyline and the chemistry between the characters. It was a little emotional and a whole lot of sexy and all sorts of dirty. Shaw was sexy, demanding, selfish and had a dirty mouth. I wanted to hate what he was doing to Chloe but in the end I couldn't. Chloe was sweet, caring and only wanted her best friend to be ok and realize what she has known for many years. I highly recommend this book!!! I received a advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.