The Sun Is Also a Star PDF Download

The Sun Is Also a Star PDF Download

By: Nicola Yoon
Genre: Coming of Age, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2016-11-01


this book has a feeling about it. it feels like slightly tinted papers with jumbles and lines of words plastered on walls, and the feeling you get when you listen to that musician you worship sing, and like making up a song on your guitar that you felt compelled to pick up and play one night. it feels like the connection of sharing an experience with people and the bond you have with your best friend who you’ve known for years and when you finally manage to mix the color that’s in your head with that set of acrylic paints you got for your birthday that one year. it’s the person you pass on the street and never see again who you immediately label as a hopeless romantic and the old journal you found under your bed from when you were eight. it feels like nirvana and apple pie and hope. and i live for it.


An amazing story and a beautiful work of art. One of the best reads you could imagine. Heartfelt, adorable, fun, and endearing. Their story is absolutely extraordinary. I would 100% recommend you read, and if you are debating whether it is worth it, let me tell you, IT IS.


This book had a wonderful change of events! I love the slight bit of education in it EX- the word meaning and hair. Romantic, intriguing, and so well written!


This book made me cry at the end, I’m not sure why exactly but I do know that love is a very touching and passionate thing and this book makes you feel just that. I recommend it for sure!


I’m currently a 9th grader and I read this book when I was in junior high, this book is my all time favorite book. It’s so realistic from both point of views. I just love it.


As a teenage Jamaican girl I love this book as much and can’t wait to see the movie


This is one of the best Young Adult novels I have ever read. I am 30 years old but Young Adult has been my go-to genre since I was 15. And since I have grown and matured it has been hard to find something in that category that really moved me. This is a book for all ages, all races, all people. You don’t have to be a “young adult” to appreciate the poetry (and science) of this book. Thank you Mrs. Yoon for gifting this to the world. It was amazing.

A job very much well done.

I think this book is an amazing story about immigrants and how empowering people can be. I love the storyline but i only had one issue. It didn’t really explain how each character was related to each other. The family members were obviously known, but others? Not so much. Overall, an amazing novel, I would definitely recommend this book to others mainly because of it’s great quality and content. A job well done.




I lovvvvvvvvvvvveeeee this book. Nicola Yoon will tell you everything in a way everyone can understand and love it.


This book really surprised me in that I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did. It just resonated with me so deeply. Highly reccommend!


This book made me love love. And the ending was beautiful. I can’t wait for more books from this author