Mississippi Blood PDF Download

Mississippi Blood PDF Download

By: Greg Iles
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2017-03-21


Great ending... or NOT? Many pieces of life left hanging, maybe Mr. Isles has one more trilogy to write?


Excellent conclusion to trilogy. The writing was crisp, characters, and they're were many, good, brutality sometimes excessive and unbelievable circumstances led to good fiction but not close to reality.


I enjoyed everything about the story. Only problem are the marathon conversations. Tried speed reading, then went back and reread for fear I would miss something important. Still rated a 5 star because Isles is at the top of his game. Can't wait to read more.

Bee britches

I just finished the last of your trilogy,Mississippi Blood. I have read all three on iBooks. I truly wish I had bought the hard cover books because with the closing of Sears & Roebuck, we are faced with a shortage of paper for our outhouse! Wishing you the best James Roy Appleton,Jr. MD #64 Winfield PLACE JACKSON,TN 38305


As a fan of happy endings, I was very disappointed in this book's final chapters. I kept waiting for a "big reveal" at the trial, but it never materialized, which was a huge let down. The book was too long and drawn out with a blase finish. And the protaganist just HAD to jump in bed with the first female that came into town? Seriously? Compared to the first two books in the trilogy, this was the worst. I think Iles dropped the ball on this one.


Outstanding! Sorry it had to end. What a great trilogy he wrote. Can't wait for his next endeavor!!


The last book of this trilogy was good, but at least 300 pages waaay to long. I actually skimmed the last several hundred pages.

arch henderbutt

I have found a new writer. He is superb. I highly recommend this. DT

Tim Williford

And that's saying something because I've read so many books that started good, but fizzled out by the end (if not before). In the first several books in this series, Iles pulled us into the world of Penn Cage and then led us through in "Mississippi Blood" to the satisfying end. I loved it!!


He has brought it all home to our doorsteps, and laid all of our weaknesses and strengths out for us to acknowledge and maybe begin to own. Thank you.


Great Book!


Could not put the book down!