Dragon Teeth PDF Download

Dragon Teeth PDF Download

By: Michael Crichton
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2017-05-23


I loved this story. I admit, this was my first Crichton novel, but it was a pleasure. Lots of juicy historical references, many of which I’ve stumbled across elsewhere since reading it. Seeing Cope, Marsh, or Sternberg listed under different species of dinosaurs has different meaning after reading this. Besides any praise I can give, this was a Dino (bone) western— How could it have gone poorly? It was great!


What can anyone say that could add to Crichton’s legend? Accordingly, I’m embarrassed to report that I found a tiny, yet significant inconsistency. Early in his journey West, Johnson witnesses a gunfight and a death, in Cheyanne. Yet, nearing the end of his odyssey, after surviving an attack by Sioux warriors in which fellow student Toad is killed, the narrator recounts that it’s the first time in his life that Johnson has ever seen a dead man. Jim Robertson

Only first chapter of audio?

What a surprise to find a new Crichton release! After reading P. Douglas’ Dinosaurs in the Attic and visiting the AMNH, I stumble upon this. Now I’m researching fossil hunting excursions!


I got lost in the pages several times. Great read! The only thing is I wish it would have ended a different way. Just kinda seamed like it was way to short for such a great read. 💯 recommend the book! Loved it

Dinosaur Fan and Reader

If you are looking into some insight into the “Bone Wars” between OC Marsh and Edwin Cope there are far better and more exciting non-fiction works out there ("The Gilded Dinosaur” for one). If you are looking for adventure and dinosaurs like Jurassic Park, you will be disappointed. If you are looking for a quick read you will find it here as it seems to have been written by a junior high student. Cope and Marsh were mush more complex than the cookie-cutter characters represented here. And you won’t care about any of the other characters. As others have pointed out, there is a reason this wasn’t released earlier.

Samson's Barber

The old adage goes: never judge a book by it's cover". Well, in this instance that idiom proved wholly true as I was sorely disappointed. I have always enjoyed this man's books but not this time. I came to realize why this story had not been published until now as I fought to concentrate on what I was reading. To me, reading this book, was like standing in line for a spanking. Spend your money on a movie and pass on this e-book.

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The Roq

What a joy to see another Michael Crichton book show up out of nowhere. Miss his writing so much and this book did not disappoint. I just wish it was longer. Saddened me when I finished.


Great book. Fast read. Page turner. You won't be disappointed!


What an exciting and fun adventure. William Johnson may be a fictional character, but he sure sounded like areal historical man. The finding of dinosaur fossils way before breaking loose from religious beliefs is quite dramatic and extremely note worthy! Loved this story. John Vasquez


It was a let down.


I could almost tell where he stopped and the ghost writer started. The ending did not fit the body of the book, in my opinion. It seemed rushed, contrived, and slightly amateurish. My apologies of it was actually him. It just seemed ‘off’… Michael Crichton died far too young. Aside from his screed on global warming, he left a history of rich and engrossing writing. Hoping for the best.