The Hate U Give PDF Download

The Hate U Give PDF Download

By: Angie Thomas
Genre: Culture, Places & People, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2017-02-28


This book was amazing! Couldn’t stop reading once I started!


Loved this book. Important read.


I specifically think this would really benefit for white people! As a white person myself it really helped me have a look what it’s like for black people. I am now strongly interested in this subject and use my privilege to stick up for POC.


Great book! The author knew how to deliver a message in times when we needed a story like this!

Isabella Assignon

I read it during the summer and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to see if the movie is as good as the book.


(Spoilers) *deep inhale* * THE EXHALE INTESIFIES* I...I CANT EVEN EXPRESS HOW CONFLICTED I AM ABOUT THIS BOOOOK! It’s’s just true. This is what the present day “hoods” & “bad police” looks like. As a child with a mom who is a cop, it’s offensive a bit how they treat cops, but at the same time I respec starr. The way that 1 15’s dad depicts 1 15 as the victim, it disgusts me, and the fact that 1 15’s dad straight up LIED TO THE NEWS. BLALALGDJEHDHDBDBDNJDNFJFU. EMOTION INTENSIFIES!!!! All in all, this is a great book, & the message in it is amazing.


Best book ever. I’d rate it 100 stars if I could. The only thing is you your child should be at least 12 to read this.


This book was amazing!!


This book needs to on very teens summer reading or required reading lists. It's a fast read but full of so much emotion and hope.


Yes. This book is simply amazing


This book was eye opening. It was very good. It was great to see a tough decision making through a young person outlook.


Amazing and very touching book!