Final Girls PDF Download

Final Girls PDF Download

By: Riley Sager
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-01-23


Honestly one of the best books 8 I had read in a really long time, it has so many twists and turns I was surprised every step of the way.


I thought the plot for this story was thrilling and twisted, but difficult to enjoy because the writing was so poor. None of the conversations sounded like they were natural and it was generally badly written. Still worth the read for a chilling plot and good mystery.


This was a crazy ride and I enjoyed every moment

Kiarra Monique

I LOVED this book! Sooo many twists and turns. I'd think I had the plot figured out and...BAM! plot twist to end all plot twists! So very well-written and just plain old riveting. This is in my top ten reads for 2018, for sure!


Highly recommend for a good weekend read

A2 Jules

So much potential that wanted to climax and failed. No development of the important enlightenments.


Absolutely Riveting,Could not put it down,👍🏻


Perfect book for fall and Halloween time, I had a hard time reading it at night- it got scary at some points! Riley Sager does a great job of writing suspense and building up to a big climax. I thought the end petered out a bit and tried too hard to have a twist, which ended up being a bit unbelievable. But for a juicy, entertaining read I thought that this book hit the spot. I recommended it to my friends and would recommend to you! If you're looking for a page turner and not the next Pulitzer, this book is for you.


Has a nice twist at the end

Camila Fischer

I really enjoyed reading this book. The twist was incredible and made me read non stop!!! I just wish the final could have more action! Still a great book!


Final Girls was exciting and deliciously puzzling ...until you arrived at the last 30 pages, which consisted of foreseeable blandness. I so desperately wanted to give this book 5 stars but the ending was like reading the script of a low budget horror film. Cringe.


Really fun, suspenseful mystery. I tore through this in just a couple days. You'll love it especially if you love the classic horror movies of the 80s.