The Light We Lost PDF Download

The Light We Lost PDF Download

By: Jill Santopolo
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance
Relase Date: 2017-05-09


The characters were flawed as people in life are but the book engrossed me ad I’m looking forward to her next, Definite tearjerker although I figured out quickly what would happen.


I was really disappointed in this book, based on the reviews and being one of Reece’s picks I had high hopes. It was hard for me to get into and I’m surprised I finished it. I love a good romance but this was was boring.

Ashley Zavislak

Amazing writing and story. Not your typical romance story that made it all the more lovely and heartbreaking.


I finished this book but it was difficult to do so. Gabe was a real jerk who never put Lucy first. She had this obnoxious fascination with him. She married an amazing man who put her first. How does she respond? By cheating and harboring all this resentment. She didn’t deserve someone like Darren. She was never over Gabe. I don’t find anything enduring or relatable about her. I think she is a selfish miserable jellyfish.

pink dreams

Loved it. I completely submerged in this story. Characters were poignant and very memorable. Story was different and yet very credible. A beautifully written novel. Highly recommend.

Katie Robb

Beautiful story. Bawling my eyes out. Started it and finished in one day/6 hours.


This book is so good! Such a real story of dealing with life and love.

m.e and eric

I can’t begin to describe how overwhelmed with emotion I felt with each page in this intense story of passion and life. The author did an incredible job making the characters so real that I feel like I know Lucy, Gabe, and Daren personally. I feel so much for this book and hope that whoever is considering whether or not to read it, does.


I loved every moment of reading this book and I laughed and smiled and cried like it was my own story. Beautifully written!

Brad mom

Overcome. I loved the quotes. This book will be a movie at some point in time, I have no doubt. Gabriel reminds me of my son, gone too soon. All the stars in heaven shine brighter...because he is there. Love story unequaled.


Well written, all-consuming love story. Didn’t want to put it down. Days after finishing it, I still find myself thinking about the characters and challenges they faced.


Hard to put down, amazing book. Read it ASAP