Juror #3 PDF Download

Juror #3 PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Nancy Allen
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2018-09-10


I was hugely disappointed in this book. I thought it was poorly written and very one-dimensional. Too bad as I’ve enjoyed his other books.


100218/8.5/PB It was okay. Engaging. Read it in one afternoon. Just not up to the standard I’m used to.


Enjoyed this one tremendously. As a woman, it was very relatable!


I thoroughly enjoyed Juror #3. It was an interesting storyline.


Saw an add where JP is warning Grisham that a new lawyer/ novelist is taking over. Not really. Poor read had to force myself to finish.


Absolutely one of the worst books I’ve read. Written like a book for pre-teen girls. Obvious and simplistic plot twists, horrible character development, and cartoonish dialog. Keep looking.


I’m a life long fan of JP, but this is by far my favorite—due to Nancy Allen!

Shar Berr

One of the most disjointed and poorly written novels I have ever read. I am shocked that James Patterson put him name


I love Ruby Bozarth. She is a lawyer whose first murder trial will keep you turning the pages. This is a great read.


Corny, sappy, disjointed story. Surprised Patterson claimed partial credit.