The Play Mate PDF Download

The Play Mate PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2017-03-13


I was expecting so much more especially after the first book! The quality of the story wasn’t up to par with the first book.


By Kendall Ryan What a great story! Sad to see it end! Bookbub


Well written love story! Hot successful alpha male what’s not to fall for. Kendall Ryan is definitely a new favorite author.

Crazy not lazy

I enjoyed reading this book, but was able to put it down several times. It didn’t keep me interested.


Fun forbidden romance between younger sister and brother’s best friend. Evie decides that she wants a Smith to be her “do-over” when it comes to sex (her one and only time was a disaster). She sneaks into his room in Paris, and tries to seduce him. Smith is attracted to her, but says no. The problem escalates when Evie’s brother announces that they will all be working together. Of course, they cannot fight their attraction, and decide to date on the down low. Definitely a fun read.


This book was a good read very short and I thought there would be more to the story at the end before the epilogue. There were parts where I didn’t understand how one scene went to another but overall was a good book and a good read.


3.5☆ I liked The Play Mate, but I liked The Room Mate more. Again I felt like I was missing a bit of a connection with the characters. I still liked both Evie and Smith, but something isn't quite connecting with me and making me love them. They're both smart, caring, and good people; They make a good couple. The storyline was pretty good. It wasn't exactly unique, but I still liked it. There were a lot of parts that gave me a good chuckle, which I enjoyed. I thought it was a good book overall, just not my favorite of hers.


Loving the book but chapter 6 is flawed lol because it's says it's evie point of view but it's actually in smiths point of view. I was confused at first when I was reading it lol but altogether I'm loving it


Loved Smith and Evie ❤️

Kristie Koste

The Play Mate By: Kendall Ryan 4.5 Star Review by Kristie K In The Play Mate, Kendall Ryan teases and tempts…drawing out the pleasure and making you wait for the inevitable explosion. A truly tantalizing tale of friends to lovers, Ms. Ryan adds her own spin to the favorite genre, making the journey even sweeter. Smith Hamilton is…everything. He’s kind, generous, loving, intelligent, wealthy, sweet, and drop-dead gorgeous. The only fault a woman might find, is a complete, total, and utter aversion to commitment. I absolutely adore Smith. He’s a low-key guy, down for a good time with friends, family…whatever. He may have money, but he doesn’t let it define him. He is just as happy, maybe more so, tossing back beers and throwing darts as he is wining and dining in a fancy french restaurant. His heart is pure, and when it comes down to it, he will fight for what he wants. Never in his wildest dreams did he every think he would want his best friends little sister. It’s hard for him to ignore the fact that she is ALL GROWN UP, especially when she crawls into his bed. Evie Reed has an incredible older brother, and their relationship is tight. This doesn’t change the fact that she has crushed on his best friend since they were kids. I found a kindred spirit in Evie. She is just as beautiful inside as she is out, but she has a slightly skewed view of herself, and lacks confidence though she has no reason to. Evie is completely relatable, likable, and real. Honestly, all of these characters are. When Evie finally decides she wants a shot at her childhood crush, she sneaks into his bed. The chaos that ensues from this decision is both humorous, and cringe-worthy…but also manages to be totally hot at the same time. The sparks that fly can’t be put out, and soon a decision must be made whether or not to do something about them. This is a slow burn that had me panting and wanting more, yet never had me rushing to get to the end. Ms. Ryan has filled these pages with fun, humor, reality, family, heart, love, fear, desire, and hope. I loved every word. So now, what about the rest? Well, the cover of this book is HAWT! I mean, really…have you seen those abs?! The characters were wonderful. I wanted to know them all. The character development was on point, never leaving me wanting…though I would like to know more about Smith’s past. The plot and storyline were thorough, with plenty of fun and realism to keep readers happy. And the writing? Amazing… Ms. Ryan is a talented writer, and weaves her tales in a way that keeps us coming back for more. A true artist in her own right, she never disappoints. Kristie K


Best story; loved Smith and Evie.

Dad Star

Laced with common sense and sensual grace this story gives a woman a taste of respect and honest love which is the best kind of love Thanks for sharing