The Soul Mate PDF Download

The Soul Mate PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2017-08-14


It seemed intriguing, but it ended up being ridiculous and boring. The characters were not very interesting and the plot was very bland. It was a waste of my money.

Vanessa Croix

how can this even be called contemporary? waste of money and time


Had to finish reading, got a bit boring but glad I had closure.


This story was amazing. It was funny, and deep, with a lot of steam nosed throughout. These characters are realistic and their chemistry is off the charts! This my first read by this author, and I am leaving very satisfied. I will be telling tons of people about this book. Absolutely fantastic story!!


Loved the book. Realistic characters and story.

meme book corner

Can a one night stand turn into forever. Mason is a ob gyn that is single and is a guy that believes and is holding out for his one true love his soul mate . Bren does not do relationships after what happened in her past she runs away when a guy gets to close. She is also Mason's one night stand that leaves him without a word . Mason finds himself not being able to Forget her he looks for her for days. Until the day he goes into the exam room and realizes the woman he has been fantasizing about is his patient and she may be pregnant with his baby. Bren pushed Mason away do many times I thought this couple would never get together. Mason had the patience of a saint. Most men would have run after being treated the cold way Bren treated him. She was so hot and cold with him she gave me whiplash. She had a past that a lot have people have went through and a lot of people have lost someone they love, aBut you just can't live your life not letting anyone in with the fear of losing them. It seems like Macon is fighting s losing battle . Can he change Bren's views of love and get the HEA they deserve


I've been waiting quite impatiently for The Soul Mate ever since I read the blurb. It was definitely a good read, things just went a little differently than I was expecting. It's a fast paced book with a lot happening in a short amount of time, but I still loved the concept of the book. It had it's funny moments, but it was also serious. Bren is an interesting one. She's not your typical female character, in fact she thinks and acts more like a male character would. She's still likable, she just can get frustrating with how she deals with the problems she faces. She goes through a journey in this book and has to really deal with her past and how it has effected her still to this day. I love Mason! He's a smart, determined, caring guy who knows what he wants in life. I like how he just rolls with everything that happens in his life, even though it may not be what he planned. He's just a genuinely good guy who's looking for his soul mate. His relationship with Bren is rocky at times, but they just click with one another and therefore make it work. It was a cute book!


The first few chapters of this book are hilarious and embarrassing for main character Bren. But how Mason handles the situation makes you fall for this sweet guy. And then begins the romance with a few challenges that having you pulling for both characters. This was a super fun and light read from Kendall Ryan. So enjoyed it. 5 stars for sure.


Why is it of late that I love the male characters but hate the females because they are whiny twits. If you can get past that, this book is a good read.


Good characters, easy to read.


I absolutely adore Kendall Ryan and everything she writes! She is such a fantastic author and every single one of her books are beyond amazing! The Soul Mate is another perfect example of said awesomeness. Mason is looking for his soul mate and Bren is a commitment-phobe. Put them together and it's certainly a recipe for disaster. But it's also sweet and funny with just a bit of angst. I love, love, loved everything about this book and I highly recommend it!! 5+ Stars ⭐️


From the first moment I read about this book, I've wanted to read it. I thought it would never get here. Finally, I got a chance to read it and let me tell you, it was soooooo worth the wait! I knew it would be good but it didn't just surpass my expectations, it blew them into outer space! It's not like any book I've read before. I've read a lot of books that are similar to others but this one is uniquely all it's own. Mason is a very romantic, big hearted doctor and Bren is a work confident conservationist that is terrified of commitment. When their one night stand may have resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, how do they handle it? They don't really even know each other but may be attached to one another for the rest of their lives!