Seven Nights of Sin PDF Download

Seven Nights of Sin PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2019-06-25


I paid for this book and it will not download. Very disappointed.


Having left our ingenue in the hands of her cold-hearted boss at the end of Book 1, we wonder what has become of the fair Presley, down on her luck and in trouble. All of the answers as the Penthouse Affair continues... LOL, over the top, maybe, but I have to admit, I wasn't sure that Dom could redeem himself. I mean, I truly wanted to smack him in the head more than once while reading THE TWO WEEK ARRANGEMENT, and, Presley, child, why in the world are you letting him treat you like that? But, friends, this is Kendall Ryan, and there will be no unhappy endings, thank goodness. I actually really ended up liking Dominic, once he got his head out of his butt, and got his act together. By the end of this book, I was rooting for him and Presley to get past all of their obstacles and end up happily in love, and as equals, for the love of all things holy. Luckily for him, I will not have to step in and teach him how to treat his lady. Presley finally came into her own here, too, and opened Dom's eyes to her worth and her strength, because she finally began to believe in herself. Hallelujah! I'm happy to say that SEVEN NIGHTS OF SIN earned its stars, and ended up being the perfect finish to this couple's story. If an angst-ridden road to a HEA, with plenty of sizzle and a couple of cute as heck kiddos is your thing, this is the book for you. As an aside, this is not a standalone read, because Book 1 is a must (you wouldn't want to miss out on any of the lead-in, after all). Grab them both and enjoy.


Part two of the The Two Week Arrangement And Kendall has once again has woven a hot conclusion to a story of a heartbroken billionaire who felt destine to a loveless life. This story picks up after Presley has lost her virginity and her heart to Dominic and his daughters. Presley is young and naive and she had agreed to meet Austin with an enemy of of Aspen hotel chain. She naively meets Austin who presents her with a dossier and a thumb drive that will ruin Dominic but she does not agree to anything. Dom happens across them after making love to her and the story complicates. Dom becomes even more distant and hostile as he fights his feelings for Presley, can these two star crossed lovers find love happiness and family. The story weaves such a fascinating web that hooks you immediately a must five star read you’ll not want to put down.


Lately, it seems that the first book in a series or trilogy is good, but the second and third are not. I am tired of characters contradicting themselves. Do authors think readers have forgotten what happened in the first book? This book was a sad mess.


What an amazing finish to Presley and Dom’s story! There were parts that had me in tears, and parts that made my heart soar. It drew me in from the start, picking up right where The Two-Week Arrangement left off. There was the perfect amount of drama throughout, and a lot of healing by the end of it. An amazing story that I would highly recommend!!


Didn’t needed to be in tow books, kind of greedy move to make a buck with short story?


A continuation of Dominic and Presley’s story. Dominic can’t resist Presley even though he is still upset. Great finish to the story. Sexy and swoony romance. I liked the closeness between Dominic’s girls and Presley. Wonderful read!


Presley and Dominic have taken me on a tumultuous, sexy journey. This is the conclusion of their story so be sure to read Two-Week Arrangement first. Dominic struggles with love and relationships. He truly doesn’t see himself as lovable but has the most amazing heart. Presley is blown away by his thoughtfulness and compassion that he shows her even after she let him down. This is not an easy road for either of them as they navigate the choppy waters. When he needs Presley to go with him to London for work, she doesn’t hesitate, seeing this as the opportunity she needs to gain his trust again. Their chemistry is combustible. But will Dominic let his heart open to her? Will she be willing to wait for him to figure it out?


If there's one thing I can't wait for, it's a new Kendall Ryan book. What makes things more impatient is if the previous book has a cliffhanger of an ending and I need to wait for the next book to find out what happens. Seven Nights of Sin continues the story of Presley and Dominic, whom we first met in "The Two Week Arrangement." These two characters are so complex and have been hurt too often in the past to be trusting of just anyone. She broke the one rule he set... can she break through the chains that keep him closed off? Will he see just what he is capable of? While both Dominic and Presley may come off as your typical billionaire and virgin characters respectively, you seen the more private side of each when they're not entrenched in business dealings. Both seem to have been dealt a losing hand in life, but they are resilient. I will give you a hint... they get their happily ever after, but believe me, there were instances in the book where I wasn't sure where their relationship would go. If you haven't read "The Two Week Arrangement," you'll want to grab that first!


The book was a great sequel to the first and kept me captivated the entire way through. I did feel like the end was rushed and I didn’t want it to end. I would have loved more of an insight in the life of them actually “together” and more of an insight on the happy times along with the turmoil relationship. Overall great read and I loved the book! I didn’t want to give any less than 5 star.

Kelly_BTC Blog

Seven Nights of Sin is book two in Kendall Ryan’s Penthouse Affair Duet and YES, you have to read book one, The Two-Week Arrangement, before reading this book. Seven Nights of Sin picks up right where the previous book left off…yep, it was a cliffhanger. And I can’t SAY what happens because then this review would get all spoiler-y, and spoilers are a no-no. If they’re your thing, cool…to each their own. But you won’t find them here. Dom and Presley are a complicated couple. Their strained relationship is angsty and full of inner-heartbreak and turmoil. The sparks between them continued to fly and the heat still burned hotter than ever. But it’s the feelings of betrayal and insecurities that blinded them both from truly living a life they desperately wanted with a love they both secretly craved. Presley’s constant support of Dom might have made her a bit naïve in my opinion, but I applaud her for going after what she really wanted. Dom’s contempt towards Presley, although understandable, made me what to strangle him more times than I could count. But his softer and vulnerable side outweighed his flaws, making their struggle towards love and acceptance that much sweeter. I can’t give anything else away, as that would reveal the entire plot of both books. But I will say that you NEED to read this duet. Ryan delivers a fantastic ending to an emotional and heart-pounding love story.

Sandra Two Book Pushers

4.5 Hearts Seven Nights of Sin is the second book in the Penthouse Affair Duet By Kendall Ryan. This is not a standalone novel. You must read Two Week Arrangement first. I am so glad that Kendall didn’t make us wait long for Dominic and Presley’s story. Presley has a lot of work to do. In her internship and with Dominic after what happened. She not only has her work cut out for her but Dominic does too. They need to figure out if they can have a future. Together. In business and in pleasure. One week in London for business in a good way to start but what will happen when the land back in New York? That’s all I can really say about that. I will say that their story is full of ups and downs. It’s a rollercoaster ride for sure. She knows what she wants and he doesn’t believe he is capable of giving it to her. Overall...I enjoyed the ride. It’s a fast read that made me laugh, tear up, get hot and bothered, and laugh some more. The characters are flawed but not broken. And there are two little ones that stole my heart. Quotes: I stand my ground. This little game he’s playing will not be on his terms. It’s going to be on mine. “That’s the smartest thing you’ve said all week.”