Educated PDF Download

Educated PDF Download

By: Tara Westover
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,
Relase Date: 2018-02-20


What incredible courage, strength and sensitivity shine through this memoir. I can only thank Ms. Westover for the gift she has given everyone who reads her story. THANK YOU!


First time writing a review, but I just want Tara to know people are rooting her on. This book was so powerful and inspirational to me; even though my story is much different, Tara’s words injected so much hope and resilience in my own life. Thank you for the gift of YOU and you’re truly making an impact on this world. I read the book in a few days because it was so good. I definitely recommend it! P.S. I can’t wait to hear about the second part of your life and hope you write again someday!


Excellent book. One of the best books I’ve read!


From page 1 I was captured by both this incredible true story and the author’s extraordinary ability to tell it. The reader is given insight not just into Mormonism but fundamental religiosity and its impact on the family. A gripping tale of a woman’s journey of overcoming an unimaginable childhood to find peace and purpose in adulthood.


I couldn’t put this book down. It was inspiring to read how the author overcame such a horrific family life to end up where she has. I found this book to be magnificent.


I’m not Mormon. I’m not from Idaho. But, this book, with a different setting in a different era, was my life. I understood the nervous laughter. I felt the embarrassment and then the shame of being embarrassed. Written beautifully and painfully, I highly recommend.


From grueling circumstances arise truly extraordinary people. Tara Westover took me on the journey of her life and illuminated rural fundamentalist American culture. Tragedy is overcome by great people, sometimes from those you least expect. The sense of what is ‘moral’ both destroy and come to the rescue in this incredible story. It left me laughing at times and crying at others. Educated is the most remarkable and courageous memoir that I have read.


A truly inspiring story that makes you believe that you can overcome any obstacle and become whoever you dream to be, despite your childhood circumstances! I was in awe of this woman for the entirety of the book. So well written. Her stories are branded in my mind.


I liked this book for what it was. In some ways i found myself somewhat in correlation to Tara. Her experiences from her family life and her education experience were definitely worlds apart. I loved her courage to not let her background destroy her future but in reality drive her to her future. That is something I found played an important part of her education. It was almost like her background encouraged her unbeknownst to her, along with people on her journey she became exposed to. I find that this book is great motivation for anyone struggling between their past and future. Great book to say the least!


Although I am largely a “non-reader” I somehow picked up this book and couldn’t put it down. I’ve heard the term “page turner” and this definitely is one. Excellent (and relatable) on SO MANY levels.

Shari pink

Tara Westover’s amazing memoir reveals more than her life’s journey in family relations. It’s a heart-directed dive into self awareness and acceptance that explains so much more about how her pursuits in education became a forging trek to truth and understanding. The methods her family members used to show her love through a mangled faith in wackiness and challenges with mental illnesses, prove that it’s in relationships that we find the many versions of ourselves. Some of those versions require the academy and educated interpretations of so many others’ perspectives to understand. Great read!


I found this story compelling and I did no want to stop reading. I think the one realization the author does not articulate is that on the whole she loves her family but her disconnect is a desire for to avoid both future physical and emotional. Being free from the cloud of expected pain, is a way to her to have the self she has recognized.