Ship of Fools PDF Download

Ship of Fools PDF Download

By: Tucker Carlson
Genre: Political Science, Politics & Current Events
Relase Date: 2018-10-02


Truly one of the best books on the state of affairs in the United States I have ever read, and I am an avid reader; I have been for 45 years. Mr. Carlson sets out things clearlm his wit makes the reading enjoyable. Being a Roman Catholic, I enjoyed his references to things that perhaps only a Presbyterian or an Episcopalian or a Catholic could relate to. He made it not only interesting but fun to read. I've been recommending this book to everyone I talk to. Thanks Tucker! Your book set things out clearly. Your examples were spot on and your truths were self-evident to anyone with an IQ above 105. As to the sheep out there, we can only hope they will wake up soon and give up this insane new and radical religion they've decided should replace the values of Judeo-Christian principles that our democracy was founded on. The moral turpitude in this country will only serve to destroy our country.


I love Tucker’s perspective and insight. This book should be required reading for high schools. It discusses our societal woes and demonstrates how the motive of “our leaders” have let our country get to this point. I found it easy to read and smart but a bit depressing at times due to the reality of it all. Thank God for fellow informed citizens that are trying to turn this ship around.


Great book. Great insight into how broken our government really is.


Tucker skewers a number of left and right shibboleths with his signature wit and turn of phrase. Recommended.

Major Gadget

Insightful thoughts. I enjoyed & highly recommend this book. Perhaps Tucker Carlson would consider “Gullible’s Travels” for the sequel’s title, or “Squirrels & Spaniels” John D Worrell MD


Wow! What an incredible book! I have always enjoyed Tucker Carlson on his show, and cannot stop reading and re-reading this book!

Nicholas Schindler

A great book by Tucker Carlson! He is someone who always speaks his mind on Fox and he does so here too. He truly cares about the working men and women in this country and he exposed the ruling class in this book for the big government neocons that they truly are! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is worried about the middle class not getting a say in today’s world anymore. A Must Read.


I enjoy the detail you use in explaining the background studies that the left fail to fully explain to exploit there opinions. Good read and very well thought out


So accurate and true


Very enlightening! Honestly written and makes you think about what in the world is going to happen to America and the American people in the future of this country if things do not change!

Kika F

A MUST read! Tucker shows the hypocrisy that exists within the Democratic Party and how the media forces this “idiotology” down our throats.

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