The President Is Missing PDF Download

The President Is Missing PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Bill Clinton
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-06-04


Great plot, good story, excellent thriller but anyone who works in technology will get a laugh about the technical accuracy of the threat. Still a great read and besides who knows anything about this computer stuff anyways...


I loved the twists and turns, and was ultimately satisfied with the story and outcome. It was a fun ride!


Loved this fast read book. On vacation....hated to have to put it down because the plot kept me in suspense and wanted to see how it ended. Hope you two can work together on another one.


If only we had him as president right now....


This was is a very readable book. I could leave the book for the day and night and pick it back up the next day and fall right back into the story line. There were some good twists and turns. Thanks k


Suffered through the book. The worst book I have read of Mr Patterson's and I have read almost all of them.


The mystery and how interesting it gets... recommend it.

PI Grey Dog

Good insights into White House workings. Very imaginative. A good read even for a conservative.


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Although I agree with most of what ā€œThe Presidentā€ stood for, the book was very preachy. Some interesting twists, but a bit too long.


While I have always liked President Clinton, his contribution to this thriller is to be way too preachy. The book, while having a page turning plot, seamed a little self-serving.


Love Love Love this book.