The Wife Between Us PDF Download

The Wife Between Us PDF Download

By: Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-01-09


This book was awful. What a waste of $9.99.


Honestly the best book I’ve read. You read one chapter and then you keep reading the orders. I’ve told everyone about this book. I love it!!!! The twist is awesome!!!!! There’s need to be a movie made out of this ASAP!!!!! Every time I was reading I pictured everything in my head. The best book😍


Couldn’t put this down on my train ride from Tokyo to Kyoto! Great surprises await you while enjoy this easy read!


This book was so boring and predictable. There were twists in the story but nothing that was interesting. I kept thinking it would get better, but it didn’t! I was really angry with myself that I didn’t just stop . Thank goodness I checked it out of library and didn’t spend money to read it - then I would have been really mad! There are too many wonderful books out there, don’t waste your time on this one.


It was a good book. Very easy to get through, enjoyed the plot twists. It was overall alright.


Very good read with twists and turns!

Arnies volunteer

The twists and turns all through to the very very end were unbelievable..... Had no idea those were even won't regret reading this one.

Danky nuggzzz

I wasn’t sure what to think until the first twist! After that I couldn’t put the book down until the final page!

Kiarra Monique

Not quite what I was expecting but that isn't a bad thing in this case! I greatly enjoyed this book and LOVED the twists. I figured out one before it was revealed, but it took me longer than it usually does to figure it out, so hats off off to the authors for the great build-up. The only reason I'm not giving this book five stars is because the first 30% of the book didn't fit, in my opinion. I can't get into it without completely spoiling the entire plot, but Vanessa seemed TOO torn up about her hubby moving on for a big part of the book, to later turn around and be _______. It just didn't fit with the overall plot or the character's motivations. Still, a great read!


This book. Wow. So many enthralling parts! I love the twists and the story line of each woman..... the epilogue had me wanting more of that side of the story! This author is truly gifted. READ IT.


I kept waiting for this story to pick up the pace, or have something interesting happen or some kind of revelation or intriguing turn of events. But it never really quite got there. I continued to read it hoping there would be a big ending, but every lead the story gave you fizzled out. It was pretty predictable and honestly it would have been more interesting if it was your typical jealous wife story.


I passed over this book time and again when searching for a new read. I finally decided to give it a shot and man was I missing out! It was NOTHING like I expected. I assumed it was a book about revenge on a new wife. I couldn’t have been more wrong and am so glad that I gave it a chance. This story was extremely surprising and satisfying. The twists were fantastically well thought out. Do not pass this one by, Best I have read in awhile!