The Other Woman PDF Download

The Other Woman PDF Download

By: Daniel Silva
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-07-17

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Okay, this book has really good reviews, but why would I buy a book from an author who is new to me after only 13 pages? And not very compelling pages, at that. Sorry, but no thanks.


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David H. Shannon

I wait patiently for each of his books over the years and devour them as they are released. I am never disappointed until the end when there is no more pages. This last one was a 5 star Michelin masterpiece. And now I sadly place it down amongst its great brothers and sisters on my all star shelf. Thank you again Daniel.


Fantastic. Couldn't put it down.


Daniel Silva does a great deal of research for his books and they are always entertaining and exciting.


Mediocre at best. Disappointing read.

SF gal

I had so looked forward to reading this latest Gabriel Allon adventure but I am sorry to say I am disappointed. I was not as captivated by this book as I have been by the other ones in this series. I was rather bored and this book is, for me, a disappointment. I do not understand the high praise a lot of the other reviewers gave. Perhaps my expectations were too high.




I have read them all - all of Daniel Silva’s books; and my imagination is captured by Gabriel Allon’s epic journeys. I sense in this latest book that Silva may be planning to phase out our hero. I hope that isn’t so. Our hero should not continue to age - no older than 55, certainly. And he must cease complaining about aches and pains. Hopefully, the next in this encompassing series will cure the Israeli- American-British rift. And art and travel must always play a permanent role. All-engrossing, fast-paced, familiar characters - always a great read.

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Wordy, dense, dark and a slow read, it is a long slow burn to the end. Well researched, contemporary, and important, it felt rather profound and timely. Keep them coming Daniel!

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Good read