Baby Daddy PDF Download

Baby Daddy PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-02-27


I loved the relationship development in this book:) these two had an awesome chemistry that flowed with each page! Really enjoyed this book!


It was a nice read. But I couldn’t get past my irritation of two grown people past the age of 32 not being to just say how they feel about each other. They noticed changes in their reactions to each other, but yet neither would say “is what we originally negotiated still what we want? Maybe if the ages were the typical 20’s it would get the hesitation...(maybe) But to be business owners, headstrong CEO and knowing what they want in life they had no idea how to speak up. But It was as I stated “cute”. Little laughs but wished it was a free read. I allow myself a book buying allowance... wish I skipped this one... annoyed 😑


What starts off as a business deal ends up being so much more for Jenna and Emmett. Join this couple on their roller coaster ride towards their hearts desire. Loads of fun to read.


This was such a great read. I really enjoyed it. Though, I could have done without the prologue. It wasn't the prologue itself but its contents. He was talking about JR like it was his best friend. I just didn't agree with it. Anyhoo. I loved, loved Jenna. I absolutely love a strong h. She was the epitome of a great character. I loved her no nonsense attitude. I loved how she went after what she wanted. She put Emmett in his place so many times. It was refreshing. I like Emmett (minus the prologue). He was a great character as well. I liked Emmett and Jenna together. They had really great chemistry. I really enjoyed the way they were with each other. They had something great about them. I was pleasantly surprised the way this book turned out. I was a bit frustrated in the middle because she wanted to be with him. And he wanted to be with her. But neither of them new the others thoughts. I just wanted to scream at both of them. I sincerely enjoyed this book.

J. O'Farrell

This fast paced contemporary novel can be read in just a few sittings, not because it is so short, but because this reader could not put it down. The two lovable main characters, Jenna & Emmitt, meet on a incapacitated elevator. After many interesting interludes and successes, they each finally admit their true feelings for one another. Love wins out over his workaholic habits and her love for her profession. The real winners are this entire family of four and their constant devotion to each other. Thanks for creating two such kind, caring, lovable and memorable characters. Hated to see it come to an end!!!


I really enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend it 👍☺️


I loved how we (the readers) could connect with the characters and feel what they felt, and the visionary was marvelous ♥️

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Excellent read - enjoyed so much I purchased another of Kendall Ryan books!


This book is a good read. It’s really sexual but has a great ending!


Enjoyed in one day!


This book was awesome I couldn’t hardly put it down.


Did anyone else make it this far and think...this is the dumbest book ever?