The Tattooist of Auschwitz PDF Download

The Tattooist of Auschwitz PDF Download

By: Heather Morris
Genre: Historical, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-09-04


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Must read

MN book lover

At times difficult to read, but an amazing key about love, the will to survive, and finding light in such darkness. An incredible story.

Burry R

Great read.


What an outstanding book. Gary, thank you for sharing your parents story!!


I sat down and read this book in 4 hrs. I could not put it down. I have read many books and materials on WWII this one by far is one of my favorites. As sad and horrific as the story was it brought to light all very serious time period. It had me yelling “No, no, no!!!” and balling like a baby. Reviewing the depths of humanities failures and darkness took me on a emotional roller coaster. I can’t even begin to imagine the turmoil this must have caused for this couple but to say no matter what I’m surviving and I will love you! Shows how much we can be resilient in the face of evil.


This amazing book shared many details that i didn’t know about Auschwitz concentration camp. It was a miracle that Lale and Gita were able to communicate there and find each other after the war. Lale’s tenacity and street smarts helped many survive one of the worst camps in history. His honesty about his faith being shaken was sad but understandable. Gita’s deep faith kept her and many alive. But it was Lale’s unselfish love for his cellmates, the gypsies and children in the camp that kept him going. He was a hero on many levels and his acts of kindness ignited the human spirit around him. Disturbing but beautiful love story that validates good over evil in the end! 😊


This book was unbelievable. Everyone should read it!!!


This book was greatly written for such a sensitive time in history. It is truly amazing to see what a human can endure through years of terrible experiences. I could not even imagine living in a time where I fear death day by day. What drew me to this book is Lale’s story and his determination to stay alive since the beginning. When he met Gita and fell in love with her that was something he fought harder for to stay alive. It is truly amazing the places where you can fall in love. This book is a must read!!

Lady Brooke

To have to do things against your will and find your true love. To be able to hang onto her after all the hell the man went through. A must read as far as I am concerned.


This book is an excellent account of the perils of the Holocaust. It is well written and very sad but interesting. It is unbelievable what a human being can endure.


A story of survival and how love can be found anywhere. This is a great read for anyone (especially high school students).