Mister Tonight PDF Download

Mister Tonight PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-06-18


The characters were likable but It was kinda boring to me but I’m a fan of action and drama in the novels I read.


Well no spoilers here but what a great story. Loved Hunter and Kate and Maddie stole my heart. There is something to be said about “adult snuggle time”. A must read. Kendall never disappoints! 😘😎


I loved Hunter and Kate (and Maddie) so much...my heart is full and happy! ♥️


I'm a big fan of single dad romances, it's one of my favorite tropes. I adore Kendall Ryan so when this book blurb came out and it combined my love of single dads and her writing? It was a no brainer that I'd enjoy this book. I liked Kate. I thought she has fun, kind and someone I'd hang out with. Would we be besties? Probably not but she's the kind of woman I'd keep in my social circle. I liked how she grew in the book, I thought it was very authentic and believable. Hunter? Holy hot dad. He was smart, strong, funny and sexy. I liked how he didn't apologize for who he was. A single dad looking for love. Not a mom for his daughter, but love for himself. These two had instant chemistry. I believed in that. Their sexy times were hot and I thought my kindle would melt more than once. Outside of the bedroom though I didn't believe in them right away but they proved me wrong. I adored Maddie. She was exactly like a typical four year old and she pulled no punches. She definitely had me laughing. I enjoyed the writing of this book. I thought the plot was fun and told well. I fell in love with Hunter and Maddie right along with Kate. The supporting characters were fun as well without overshadowing our main couple. I enjoyed this book overall and would recommend it.


Kate meets hunter by coincidence when she goes to celebrate her 30th birthday with her friends and decides she needs to get laid connection and chemistry get strong and they decide to go at it she doesn’t mind that he’s a single dad until his daughter interrupts the adult snuggle time. Will Kate be able to get Maddie to like her and will she change her mind when it comes to being in a relationship..


This book is sweet and entertaining. Maddie kept them Both on their toes, there was no way to fight the love ❤️, the chemistry between Hunter and Kate is so beautiful... LOVED IT


I throughly enjoyed this book. I really enjoy these kind of books were the H doesn't flaunt his conquests. I usually skip over those pages. But this was so nice. I was so glad that Maddie (Hunter's daughter) was what I considered a main character (more or less). She really did make things right. I absolutely loved her. I really liked Kate and Hunter together. They really had chemistry. Their intimate moments were off the hook hella hot. Those moments were placed in appropriate areas. I liked Hunter. He was definitely husband material. I liked him from the beginning. I also liked Kate. I loved the zoo. It was really special. I liked when Kate cooked for Maddie and Hunter. It was really intimate. I really liked this book. There were no tears. Just plenty of smiles. Really great read.


Mister Tonight was an entertaining and cute read. I enjoyed the concept of the book, I'm always a fan of single dad romances. Kate and Hunter have a very unique and hilarious interaction with Maddie, Hunter's daughter, shortly after meeting. Speaking of Maddie, she's adorable. She's got a cute little four year old attitude at the beginning and just gets even cuter as the book goes on. Hunter is adorable with her, I loved reading about their relationship and interactions. Hunter is a really good guy and I really enjoyed getting his perspective. Kate is quite funny and has multiple awkward encounters. She may not know what she wants in life right away, but she's a smart girl and sees the change. I wish there would have been a little bit more background on the characters, Hunter in particular. I would have liked to know more about his life before Kate. Mister Tonight had a lot of laugh out loud moments as well as a lot sweet moments. It was a very enjoyable read!

Sandra Two Book Pushers

4.5 Hearts Mister Tonight is Kendall Ryan’s next sexy, and fun standalone novel. I actually didn’t even read the synopsis so I had no idea what the book was going to be about. Well...I knew from the title and cover that the plan was to have a one night fling with a lick-able hot man. Kate was turning thirty at midnight and starting off her thirties with a bang would make her night. She thought she was s- out of luck until she saw him. Mister Tall, Dark, and Handsome. In a suit looking casual against the bar. She wanted him and after some flirting and talking, he brings her to his place. Yay! Birthday sex! It was amazing until a little girl walks in and makes Kate not walk but run in shame. Mortified. But at least she wouldn’t have to see Hunter or his daughter again. That was until the next morning when she tours her new apartment. Above his garage. Kate didn’t know if she could do this. She still wanted him but she was not a commitment type of woman. And he has a kid. A sassy and cute kid but still. Would he be able to handle having a no-strings attached friendship with his tenant? Would he even want to? Or is he looking for a wife, and a mom for Maddie because if that was the case, she was not it. A girl can always ask, right? Hunter wanted her from the moment he saw her. He knew what the deal was and he accepted it. Until...he caught feelings. He liked her. She was funny, sexy, and made his daughter laugh. He didn’t want to hide his feelings but he didn’t want to scare her away. Will she ever want what he wants? Overall...it’s a quick read that made me laugh, tear up, and feel the heat. Their chemistry is amazing. Their banter is fun and flirty. I loved how their relationship flowed. And Maddie...that kid is adorable and so smart. Quotes: I was a huge sucker for a guy in a nice suit, and based on the way it fit, I had a feeling he’d look even better without it on. “Let’s just say he was worth the wait.” I grinned, hoping they wouldn’t want too many details. “Hunter, are you afraid of your own daughter?” “What can I say? She’s intimidating.”


Kate is a no strings attached, hook ups only girl. Hunter is a single dad. He wants a relationship but when Kate offers a single night he is compelled to take her up on the offer. After a disastrous night, Kate is shocked to learn he is her potential landlord. Steamy and sweet romance. Kate is independent and knows what she wants. Hunter is a sweet, devoted dad. I liked how the relationship progressed. The characters are believable and likable. A feel good romance with a bit of angst.

Kelly_BTC Blog

Lust, excitement, and heartfelt emotions ignite the pages of Mister Tonight! Every single time I read a Kendall Ryan book, I KNOW I’m going to get a fantastic story. And I don’t even need to mention how RED-HOT the cover is, but I’m going to anyway. Enticing, seductive, with a come-hither smolder that oozes sex appeal. It encapsulated everything the story had to offer! Single dad romances have got to be every woman’s weakness. It’s imbedded deep inside a woman’s DNA to want to nurture and take care of a motherless family, and I ain’t just talking about the child(ren), ya’ know what I’m saying? *smirk* Pair that irresistibility factor with humor and swoon worthy romance, and you can kiss your ovaries goodbye! Hunter and Kate are my new favorite characters from the author! I know, I know…I say that every time. But with every new book the author writes, they keep getting better and better! The instant spark of chemistry developed between the characters keeps building until the fire that burns between them is just too much to contain. The attraction and hints of forbidden desires only further the excitement of the relationship between landlord and tenant. And the sensual dynamic of the storyline blends perfects with the conflicting yet heartwarming emotions that both characters display when deciding what to trust more….their head, or their heart. Mister Tonight was completely intoxicating. I wish I could wipe my memory just so I could experience the warm thrill of reading this book for the first time again. I cannot get enough of this undoubtedly romantic love story. Everyone needs to read this book! E-VER-Y-ONE!!! Trust me, you will not regret it. 5 Stars!