All We Ever Wanted PDF Download

All We Ever Wanted PDF Download

By: Emily Giffin
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary
Relase Date: 2018-06-26

Isabel Bekele

Loved this book! The ending was a tad unsatisfying in a way, but besides that it was excellent


This is an outstanding plot with real characters. It holds the readers interest, and does not follow the cliches of happily ever after stories. It draws in all walks of life, and has a wonderful way to remind the reader that people are people.


What a great read... love how the story is told from the perspectives of different main characters and the growth they experience. A book that is very hard to put down as you cheer on each of the characters and are simply reminded that “people matter”- inspiring! An added bonus is the “Nashville” scene- fun to recognize some Nashville hotspots and local lingo if you’re an insider.

emily bju

Beautifully written and touches on a topic that we all should be made aware of and fight for!


Good Read


I wanted romance and justice for the younger characters and a more satisfying ending.

Geri Wolf

Sweet and not so sweet book. Couldn’t stop reading. Two hours late getting up right now. So “up to date” with life as it is in today’s world with women coming out of the dark and speaking out. But, with Finch getting off.

Lover of good deals

The book was a simple quick summer read. Nothing too riveting or exciting but it was good enough.


I really liked the book. It covers a lot of common day issues relative to today’s world. I was disappointed how the story just ended abruptly and fast forwarded 25 years.


This book is boring and cliche:(


Couldn’t put it down, finished it in a day and half. Wish we would of got more at the end rather then where it left off, but all in all an Awesome read.


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