Flirting with Forever PDF Download

Flirting with Forever PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-09-03


I love, Love, LOVED Cam & Natalie’s story, “Flirting with Forever”. It was definitely more of a “slow-burn” than a typical Kendall Ryan book but she writes it so perfectly that you stay invested in their impending change in status - from best friends to lovers in a relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and truly appreciate the lightheartedness of it! If you’re looking for a sweet, fun, light-hearted friends-to-lovers book with a HAE, then “Flirting with Forever” is just what the doctor ordered!


Wasn’t much to this book.


I throughly enjoyed this book. It so refreshing to read about a normal guy. Not one who is a "player" and is sleeping with half the country. Or is a complete jerk. I loved Camden and Natalie together. They had such great chemistry. I'm thankful that they didn't go back and forth. And that there was no denial. They actually were ok with what going on. And they figured out that they actually loved each other. Such a fantastic read. I'd recommend.


I loved the way they expressed their feeling and how they developed love or better say discovered love ! It was a sweet book that I could not help but finish once I started it


Loved it! I will not give away any spoilers but I so loved the main characters. Natalie, Cam and Jack were three peas in a pod. I love the friends to lovers storyline. Kendall NEVER disappoints!


This story is amazingly witty with sparks flying from page one. The friendship of three people that span the decades is so real and so relatable. The way the steamy friendship changes is incredible. The book is funny, romantic, loving, caring escapade and leaves you wanting more. Jack and Cam are both men to die for and Natalie is like your best girlfriend. This is truly a fun read, it’s one of the books you wish you could unread so you can read it for the first time and fall in love again.


Flirting with Forever was an enjoyable read. This book was a quick read. Natalie and Cam are great characters. We learn a lot about Natalie and her life throughout the book. We even get to learn about her parents a bit. She's driven and knows what she wants. She's also quite funny. Cam is a great guy. He's funny yet really sweet. I liked being in his head and reading about how his feelings for Natalie change and grow to be more than just friends. I would have liked to learn more about him as a person, like his family or more about his job. He seems like a really good person and I would have liked to explore that more. I also enjoyed Jack as a character. He was also quite entertaining and is a big part of the storyline. The end was funny with how things played out and the epilogue was quite cute.


Cam, Jack, and Natalie have been friends since high school. Cam is disturbed by his growing feelings for Natalie. He doesn’t want to mess up the dynamic by messing around with Natalie. Super hot friends to lovers romance. Natalie is sweet and independent. Cam is hot and caring. The slow burning chemistry was fabulous. I liked how believable the relationship was. Well written and great characters!


Loved this fun and sexy romance of best friends to lovers. Natalie, Camden and Jack became best friends in high school when Natalie was the new kid and these two friends saw her at the same time but instead of pursuing her romantically, they decide to be her friend. Years later and Natalie feels like there is no man out there for her. Camden has always loved Natalie but he made a pact with Jack that neither one of them would date her. The awakening of feelings between Natalie and Camden was a joy to experience. This is a slow build of awareness for Natalie as she starts to see Camden in a new light while Camden has always fought his feelings. What happens if they finally give in? What will Jack think? What a perfect romantic escape with a wonderful cast of characters that gave me something to root for on this journey. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and this is my honest review.

Sandra Two Book Pushers

Flirting with Forever is Kendall Ryan’s latest friends-to-lovers romance. I just know when I open one of her books that it’s going to be a fun and sexy ride! I have never been disappointed. This is Camden and Natalie’s story... Camden, Jack, and Natalie have been the three musketeers for the last thirteen years. The best of friends during the good and bad times. Bad break-ups. Latest hook-ups. Family drama. College antics. And now they are almost thirty and single. Of course over the years people wondered if Natalie had ever been with either of her two best friends. They are sexy, successful, sweet, protective, and would do anything for her. She always thought that was ridiculous until one night changed everything. Cam always thought Natalie was beautiful inside and out but lately he has been looking at her differently. He sees her as his sexy as f- best friend. One that has been off-limits since the day he saw her in the cafeteria. He doesn’t know what to do. He isn’t sure if its imagination that Natalie has been extra touchy lately or if she is going through the same confusion. He wants her but what would that do to their friendship? To his friendship with Jack? To her friendship with Jack? Is it worth the risk? This story is both a slow burn and a fast read. I don’t know how Kendall managed that but she did. I loved it. Their friendship. The heat. The doughnuts. was a fast read that had me wanting more. P.S. You will get a little taste of Kendall’s next book...Dear Jane! Quotes: “You know me too well.” “Your love affair with pastries isn’t exactly a well-kept secret.” Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Please tell me she doesn’t expect me to comfort her while she’s in the bathtub. “You going to survive there, sport?” I ask, my voice chipper. Jack frowns and flips me the middle finger. “F- morning people.”


Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes so this blurb definitely had me excited. I enjoy Kendall Ryan's work so I was looking forward to seeing her spin on this and I wasn't disappointed. This book was hot, steamy and fun. I believed, wholeheartedly, in the friendship that Cam and Natalie shared. Their camaraderie just worked. But you do also get the sense that there's something more beneath the surface, just simmering away. It works for these two very well. Their banter felt natural, and the progression they took from friends to lovers just made sense and flowed well. I really liked that this story was told in dual points of view so that we truly could see inside both characters heads. It just made the connection that much stronger for me. I absolutely loved watching them fall in love. Their sexy times were absolutely steamy and had me fanning myself more than once. The supporting characters in this book were interesting. I enjoyed Jack and seeing his reaction to his two best friends falling for one another. Again, it was natural. There were two characters who I didn't exactly connect with...until the epilogue. But that was completely ok. The writing here was strong and I thought the pacing was spot on. The book just moved and flowed really well. I read it in one sitting and couldn't help but smile and sigh when I finished. I absolutely recommend this book.

Kelly_BTC Blog

My new favorite by Kendall Ryan! I can’t pinpoint one or two specific things about Flirting with Forever that won me over, it’s the entire story itself that captured my heart. The cover, the friends-to-lovers trope, the characters, the absolutely fun and sexy romance that layers the storyline with heartwarming, feel-good excitement…everything flowed together to make this book completely dreamy and blissfully passionate. I loved Natalie and Cam! Their entire relationship, whether being just friends or lovers, projected absolute naturalness and sincerity. Clearly, you know right away these two characters care deeply for each other. But it was the alternating POVs that give me feelings of involvement in their journey, like I had a front row seat their very own personal love story. And although Natalie was a strong, caring, and independent woman, and her lively and loving personality was entirely infectious, it was Cam that completely stole my heart and soul. If you could think of all the qualities you’d want in the perfect guy – whether it being good looks, amazing personality, a tender heart – Cam embodies anything and everything you find attractive. The type of guy who would bend over backwards for you, protect you with his life, and sacrifice his own happiness for you. That’s Cam. And a guy like him you do not let slip through your fingers, or let go of without one hell of a fight! I could go on and on about how much I loved and enjoyed this book, but instead I’m just going to say, READ IT. Flirting with Forever is a sweet, flirty, and satisfying quick read that will leave butterflies in your stomach and a burning warmth in your heart. 5 Stars!