The Proposal PDF Download

The Proposal PDF Download

By: Jasmine Guillory
Genre: Romance, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-10-30


I think I came across this book on a book club recommendation. Not a very fulfilling read if you are looking for a romance that’s a little more intense. The language and plot line were bland and dragged. I kept waiting for a twist or something really dramatic to happen and it just wasn’t there. The story didn’t go where I thought it made sense to go - like ending with a proposal. Anti-climactic at best.


Everything is so perfectly written and realistic. My heart is so full.🥰🥰


This book I finished in two days it was so good

Molly Yvonne

From beginning to end this book was phenomenal! I love everything about the book. I put it back on my want to read list because after I finish the authors other book, I will be reading this one again and again until I get tired of it! And to the author please write another book because I really want to know what happens next!


On to her next, The Wedding Date!


Worst book I have read in years. Poor writing and story line. Disappointed it made the cut for Reese’s book club.


Hello Sunshine’s Book Club pick for February is an adorable Rom-Com of clumsy, uncoordinated first love. Like watching puppies trying to go down the stairs for the first time. Worth the escape!!!

Can’t believe Reese Witherspoon recommended this. It was horrible.


I was excited to read this book based off the Sunshine Club recommendation. Surprise to find it lack luster and boring. The plot is predictable and the storyline is slow moving and lame. The writing in this book is not complex or interesting.

Campaña. Evangelistico

Biblia. de Antigua y Nuiva. Testamento


Nothing happens in this book. Nothing. There is no plot, no conflict, and dialogue s very basic. I was looking for light reading for a trip, but this was bordering on inane.


Quick vacation read, not original in the slightest.