Clock Dance PDF Download

Clock Dance PDF Download

By: Anne Tyler
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-07-10

Diane Offutt

There may be many characters in this book, but each plays a very important part in the plot. Thank you for another great read Ms. Tyler.

Dr. T2012

While the character developed slowly and with interest, it still left her feeling dry and shallow. There was a marked absence of richness of character. The title is a stretch to what the author was trying to relate it to. And the ending was cheap and abrupt.


So so boring.


While the author clearly has talent and the book started out strong it went south in the middle and the end. I found it boring.

Book jacket

I loved this book. I didn't read the reviews beforehand nor what the book was about and maybe that's why this book kept surprising me. The characters are great. I want to meet Cheryl she's so funny. I can identify with Willa because I'm her age with a similar childhood and similar situation with my sister. Overall a very well written story about courage to live life on your terms.


I enjoyed this novel better than A Spool of Blue Thread. I was interested in all of the different characters’ lives and authenticity. The story line was a bit scattered and I found myself wanting to know more about several characters. I was always happy to pick this book up and read more


As your emerged into the characters world of an Anne Tyler novel you start to slow down, wishing for more pages.


Wonderful Ann Tyler work. She never disappoints. I can really relate to her characters. I feel as if I have grown up with Ann. I call her books “A day in the life of...”


I have only read one other book by Anne Tyler “ A Spool of Blue Thread” loved it. Sorry, Clock Dance started out fast but slowed in the middle the story line became repetitive, and the ending just seemed wrong!


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Once again I’ve been mesmerized by an Anne Tyler novel. I just fall in love with the stories, characters and their individual quirkiness ❣️


Hard to get into and then once I got into it, didn’t like the ending...