Wicked Whiskey Love PDF Download

Wicked Whiskey Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-11-07

Allyson Schapira

Amazing love story!!! While fictional, there is truth in the story and love and family is the best gift


WoW!! Thank you Melissa Foster!! You are Amazing!! This is a MUST Read Book!! I Have Whiskey Fever!! Bones & Sarah:) This is Such an Amazing story the Love that leads and Protects this Awesome Whiskey Family is Heart felt to the core EPIC!! The life can lead persons in So many different directions and to have Whiskey Faith in Family is Golden! So Looking forward to More Whiskeys!!


OMG! Bone’s and Sarah’s Story was worth the wait! This is a story about finding your life after leaving an abusive relationship and starting over again! Dr Hottie Bones is there to help! Bones will do anything for family and Sarah and her children have become that! Melissa Foster wrote a sensitive story about abuse, starting your life over, making friends and finding love! Did I mention that Bones is a hottie, sexy and a wonderful human being!


Loved the story of Sarah and Bones, finding each other as well as the love and commitment they both were looking for and deserved.


I never thought Melissa Foster could top her hero Truman Gritt.... but Bones has definitely topped him. This story was AMAZING! It had me in tears, laughing, and swooning in equal measures. My heart broke for Sarah, and what she went through in life, but she came out a strong heroine who would do anything for those she loves. Bones.... I don’t use the term “my ovaries exploded”.... ever. But this is about as close as it gets to me saying that when it comes to him and his relationship with Sarah’s little ones. He is what everyone woman dreams their baby’s father would be. I don’t want to give much else away, but go! Read this ASAP!

Diva Princess1

Bones and Sarah, 2 kids (Bradley and Lila) and one on the way. Bones was a doctor with his own issues. He lost a friend young to cancer and had a lot o guilt about losing his friend. So he specializes in Oncology. His life always felt a little lonely until he met Sarah and her kids. She was running from her ex, father of her children even the one on the way. So of course, she didn’t think anyone would want her with so much baggage. Bones was loyal and protective, their story is unique.....but beautiful. As usual Melissa Foster delivered a really great story. Thanks.


Bones has officially stolen my heart as my favorite Whiskey, as someone that has experienced some of the things that Sarah has gone through in her past. I am glad not only were these hard to swallow situations once again eloquently written by Melissa Foster, who knows how to tackle hard situations with just the right amount of pressure. Bones steps up for Sarah where people in her past have failed her, she learns not only to trust again, but also to learn to let go and not everyone is out to hurt you. The babies will keep you laughing, the HEA will make you swoon.


Omg!! Love me some doctor bones and Sarah When he finally got it through to her that he was her finally.... It was beautiful... Thank you Melissa! Please tell me Dixie is getting her happily ever after, please let it be with Scott!!


There is so much good to say about this book. My mind is literally tripping over itself trying to come up with the right words to describe how much I love Bones and Sarah. This is a perfect story of how what you’ve been through, no matter how horrible, doesn’t have to define you as a person. The cycle doesn’t have to repeat itself. And with Sarah having Bones and his protective, loving nature at her side she is able to gather even more of her own internal strength. And oh my gosh the rest of the Whiskey’s and their friends were just the perfect mix thrown in. I’m understanding Biggs and his ways even more now.


Oh Wow! An MC book that I actually LOVE! Bones Whiskey was so, so, SO AMAZING as a friend, as a lover, as an oncologist, as a want-to-be dad! He as ALL IN from the first moment. Sarah was the lucky recipient of all his awesomeness! She just had to convince herself that she was worth it. The story kept me captivated the whole time. I'm going to have to find the time to read the others in this series! These bikers are wonderful!


OMG...Bones will make your ovaries hurt. He is so patient and tender with Sarah. He is a dream of any single mother. We are all package deals and Bones loves those kids just as much as he does Sarah. I love all the interaction with the whole gang and to learn more about Scott. Totally worth the read.


Wow! Wow! Wow! Bones Whiskey is my absolute favorite character written by Melissa Foster. Dr. Wayne "Bones" Whiskey has been drawn to Sarah since the moment he met her and her "baggage" means absolutely nothing to him except the determination that he needs to treat her even better. Bones is able to see past the massive walls that Sarah puts up around her heart and is able to tear them down to see what Bones is exactly what she, and her children, need in her life. So many incredible moments are scattered throughout the novel that I can't even think of one or two favorites, I have at least five. There are puppies, girl talk, nicknames and dream stories. Lila and Bradley "B-Man", will steal your heart. And the greatest part is the strength of the Whiskey family is shown throughout the novel and you still have appearances from all of your favorite Whiskey family characters. This story is simply amazing and I already need another book that shows their future, you will absolutely NOT be disappointed by Wicked Whiskey Love and will probably be craving more like I already am!