Bad Blood PDF Download

Bad Blood PDF Download

By: John Carreyrou
Genre: Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Business & Personal Finance
Relase Date: 2018-05-21


Wow! Every letter was so captivating that I found it difficult to let go while I worked. Thank you carryrou.


I read this and I absolutely love it I totally recommend this


The title is antidisestablishmentarianism and its android app is the antidisestablishmentarianism way to much antidisestablishmentarianism

BioSherlock Holmes

The story of how an alluring and smart young narcissistic woman sociopath Elizabeth Holmes spun a personality cult around her concept of the ideal product that performed blood diagnostic medicine and how the rich and famous one by one fell to her allure to her spell by investing hundreds of millions of dollars on a company that never had a worthy technology capable of delivering on the wild and delusional dreams that were spun to them. No one with a serious medical or technical investing background ever performed any due diligence on the Compnay’s technology and secretly guarded product behind Theranos. If they had, this massive fraud would have been laid bare many years before the Wall Street Journal reporter in New York would have had to be the sleuth to slay the the lies that had by then snowballed into colossal proportions.


They may have chanted something else but millions who were somehow affected by this scandal and everyone who enjoyed this great book chants “Thank You Carryrou"


Excellent and inspiring in the way of upholding honesty and integrity. Also, fascinating and a touch terrifying in how far corps are allowed to go. Highly recommend.


Read this book in three days. It was hard to put down!!


Riveting page turner. Well-written and researched. Looking forward to the HBO documentary and the movie.


Reads like a thriller


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What is the name of the book where the girl gets stabbed to death bc the other girl didn’t like her dating her ex?


The book is very well written. I started reading this on vacation and couldn’t put it down. I finished the book in 1.5 days.