Misadventures with a Professor PDF Download

Misadventures with a Professor PDF Download

By: Sierra Simone
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-11-06


Another Amazing Misadventure. The characters were complex and felt with many emotions. Zandy is a strong character.


Tons of angst, exactly what you’d expect from a Sierra Simone book. Lots of taboo, forbidden stuff. It’s fantastic and makes me want even more from her. She could publish a book a day and I’d read them all. I loved Zandy and the professor.


Another amazing Misadventure book. I just love this series of books. It give you a little taste of the author and can be read in any order. Sierra Simone does not disappoint in this book. I loved the whole story line and how it played out. I loved the characters. I loved Zandy and Oliver and their chemistry. You’ll have to read this awesome book to find out how it all plays out.


5 holy hotness, fans self stars. This book was out the gate, chapter 1 hot!!! Zandy, (birth name, Amanda) nerdy sweetheart who’s wanting to unload her virginity card... goes to London to help her dad’s friend with research and organization on Victorian artifacts. Professor Graeme, grumpy man who literally is no fun to be around.. but he needs some help getting organized and a research specialist is heading his way to help. Oliver. Oh me. Oliver Oliver Oliver. He literally physically runs into Amanda on her one free night before she heads to Prof Graeme’s house. Has some self hatred for what he perceives as perverted links. Let me say, his kink is pretty fun of the mill and smoking hot. This was a quick read (could’ve read 200 more pages of this goodness) that will have you in love with these characters. Highly recommend!

Virna Thompson

You can never go wrong with any Sierra Simone book! Misadventures with a Professor was all kinds of hot, sexy and steaminess all rolled up into one story! A bit of a forbidden romance as only Sierra can give us! Zandy Lynch wants to get rid of her v-card and what better way than in London with a stranger before starting as a research assistant abroad. Oliver was an enigma. By day he could be very moody and aloof, but at night he was a generous and greedy with Zandy. So imagine their surprise when after a night of steamy pleasure, Oliver opens the door to the home where Zandy will spend her summer! Misadventures with a Professor by Sierra Simone was one hot and steamy read! Zandy and Oliver had so much chemistry. Together day and night, you just know things are about to sizzle in every way possible! Definitely a great read to get lost in!

april R H

Misadventures with a Professor is a fantastic read! If your looking for romance between a brooding professor and his quirky yet,beautiful helper,that has smoking hot sexy times then this is definitely the book for you! Romance with a HEA. If you haven’t tried the Misadventures Series yet then you’re missing out on these are deliciously good stories!

Chloe Triv

Ms. Simone knows how to write the down and dirty! And she does it oh so well.
This is the story of Oliver and Zandy.  It's fast paced, adventurous and is naughty in all the right ways!
They don't have, what you would call a "normal" relationship.  But hey, "normal" is a setting on a dryer.  Who are we to claim what is normal or not.  Their relationship works for them and that's what makes this story all the better.
Zandy is of a intellectual mind.  She is analytical and thinks things through, almost to the point of detriment to herself.
Oliver is the epitome of an English professor.  But he has a hidden side of him that really loves Zandy.  Unfortunately he has also thought that his hidden side should stay hidden and Zandy brings it to the light and shows him that what they have together is perfection.
Ms. Simone writing really brings you into the story, into her world and you will be thanking her for it!
If you are looking for a fast paced, down and dirty.  Look no further!!


This professor and his student loves their kinky games together in this fun and hot story. Zandy loses her V card to Oliver, the stuffy British professor. Loved the story, love Sierra Simone! Review copy was received for an honest opinion.