The Border PDF Download

The Border PDF Download

By: Don Winslow
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2019-02-26

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Enjoyed his previous books but this was convoluted and full of leftist preaching. I’m not a Trump fan but Winslow definitely has a case of the derangement syndrome. And if you’re going to trash law enforcement perhaps you should read the DOJ report on Ferguson before using that as an example.


My favorite author of “The Cartel” had to get political! Why?? A hard to believe story that the DEA Boss would hate a president running on Border Control! Same old song and dance to bash Trump in a fictional story about a real issue. Could have been great, but you lost this fan. Sad Mr. Winslow.


Great book, but the cartoonish portrayal of the “Alt-Right” super villains degraded the quality of the story. His book, do what he wants, but liberal preachiness is never less than tiresome.


I was reading fiction to escape reality. If I wanted politics I would have chosen that genre or not read at all & just watch news.

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Another great book by Winslow. Well written, interesting, and lots to think about.


I’m a huge fan of Don Winslow’s Cartel series but this book left much to be desired. The plot is decent but not nearly as good as his past works. My biggest issue with the book is the political BS. Clearly the fascist, racist character John Dennison is supposed to be Donald Trump. We get it Don, you’re not a fan of the president. I read your books to be entertained by fiction and to get away from news and politics. Unfortunately, Don couldn’t keep his seething hatred for the president out of his latest book and the entire piece suffers.


From the moment I picked up this book, I knew I was in for a wild ride. Winslow writes with such detailed particularity that , at times, you actually think he was at the scene. He goes with ten year old Nico in one chapter, you feel as if you are there on La Bestia for the entire train ride. I’m not giving away anything here so you’ll have to read the book, and, at times you might thank me for pointing to this book. I’ve read all three and loved them all. You will be zipped through Mexico, Central America, through, the good and the bad placers right here in America. Don’t miss this since if the is made into a movie, it will make the movie Sicario’s seem like a Disney movie.

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The political stance of the author in this novel such a poor fit and disappointing. I have re-read The Cartel eight times at the time of this review, just to show that I adore the author’s work. While there was certainly some politics in the previous novels of the series, none were as heavy handed as this. They were mostly vague references with light criticisms here and there, that mostly left the actual plot contained to an enjoyable FICTIONAL conflict. Here there is a literal stand-in for the current POTUS. Regardless of the readers political leanings, it still distracts abundantly and often from the mediocre drama and intrigue of the actual plot. Also REGARDING the political position of the reader; It is much more difficult to become immersed into a (reminder) FICTIONAL WORLD when the author constantly reminds you what his political position is and goes further in his book to validate his positions. Most readers do not want to feel like they’re reading a CNN article when they read a fiction novel. Look, I understand what Mr. Winslow is trying to do. He wants to show how he would solve the current drug crisis occurring throughout the western world and especially in the US. This doesn’t make for a good fiction novel, however. It doesn’t even make for a good entry in this series. It’s just not “fun” reading a pseudo-hit piece on current elected officials in a series whose drama and intrigue has kept me javing fun throughout. Speaking of such things, the book cannot lean on them. Compared to The Power of the Dog and The Cartel, there is very little to be excited about in this addition. Much of the writing goes on and on about mundane details. Few of the characters were more than two-dimensional and there were even fewer arcs, only one of which made me interested in seeing it through. Thirty percent of this book should have been edited out as technical drivel and over-visualization. Today it is so common to insert real-life modern politics into mediums they have no place in. Tasteless is what I call it. Not-so-coincidentally this is how I describe The Border.


Another hit by Mr. Winslow, who does expertly dissect the intertwined world of drugs, corruption, finance and politics in such a deep and realistic manner. This was a great end of the trilogy started with The Power of the Dog. All three books so rich in history, politics, the church, the human being lowest points... Congratulations Mr. Winslow, it’s truly difficult to successfully close a 20-year trilogy the way you have mastered it.


Regardless of the author’s political beliefs and regardless of whether they align with my own, I don’t want to be constantly bombarded with shallow partisan comments while I read B-level (at best) fiction. Such books are meant for entertainment, and by doing so, the author destroys the sole purpose of reading the crap. I stopped reading around the halfway point because the mild entertainment value was significantly outweighed by the annoyance of author’s political sniping. If you’re like me, don’t buy this book.


Another excellent read Don Winslow writes classics


People read books like these to be entertained, not hear your political point of view, taking over a good story and making the book way longer than it needed. Stinks you did this, really liked your books prior.